Top Management Courses : Skills, Eligibility and Career Scope for 12th Pass Students

Many times, after passing their 12th standard, students do not understand which course they should take at graduation level. ….. Or, can they do any degree / B course that they have? No good job can be found.

In this article, we are discussing about the top management courses available in India so that you can start a career in the field of management.

Nowadays, like all other developed countries of the world, in India too, fresh graduates / young professionals want to join a suitable job profile in various fields of management.

Actually, you get a very attractive salary package in India as a manager. Like, the manager’s post in each company or office has many rights and responsibilities associated with it that make your position in your company or office very important.

According to the work strategies of each company or office, traders streamline the overall functioning of the affiliate organization so that their company or office can continue to achieve their business goals.

If you are also able to complete business goals from people by becoming the head of a team in your company or office, then this career will prove to be very effective for you.

Let’s get further ambitious information about the top management courses and career scopes available in India further in this article.

Benefits of management courses for 12th students:

With being a student, this question can definitely come in your mind that after all, after passing his 12th with very good marks, why should we do any management course?

There are some important reasons behind this, which you must consider once.

Let us read these major reasons:

After doing BBA, MBA or any other management course in India, you can join the post of manager in any company or office.

If management graduates start any of their businesses or startups, they benefit from their educational degree.

Barring a few top IIMs and universities, students in various colleges and universities in our country are easily admitted to a management degree / course.

If you are doing a degree or B. Course in management then it becomes easy for you to do MBA or specialization in the relevant field.

Skills related to your business and management are enhanced, due to which you can achieve success in any area of life.

Eligibility Criteria for taking admission in top management courses in India.

In our country, 12th pass students from a recognized educational board can do various management degrees and courses from various educational / management institutions, colleges and universities in the country.

Top Degree / B.Ed Management Courses Available for Indian Students:

Following are the different degrees / course courses for students in India related to different areas of management:

– Businessman


Graduation level


Category – Business


Category + (Specialist) – Businessman


Final – Business Management


Category of Arts – Management


Commerce management


Final Science – Management




CRISIL Global Research and Analytics


ICICI Securities


Federal bank


Post graduation level


Category – Hotel Management


Master of business


Postgraduate Degree – Management


Postgraduate Degree – Business


Postgraduate Degree – Business Management


Dr. Level


MPhill – Management


Phd.- Management


Important note: It is to be noted here that students have to undergo various entrance exams like CAT, MAT, CMAT, GMAT, XAT, SNAP and NMAT before taking admission in the major IIMs or Universities of India.

Top Indian Institute of Management Education:


If we mention such major institutes of India where management education of the top level of the country is given, then the names of the following institutions must be mentioned:


Amity School of Management, New Delhi


Manipur Institute of Management Studies, Imphal


IPS Academy of School of Management, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Pearl Academy, New Delhi


Chandigarh University, Punjab


Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Lucknow, Bombay, Bangalore etc.


Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai


Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai


IPU University, Delhi


Special Career Applicants in India for Management Graduates:


Like our entire world, many job profiles and career options are available to management graduates nowadays and the main reason for this is in fact that every office and company in the country and the world has a lot of Lisa and management related functions. Which management experts only say that they can complete.

Here is a list of the leading management career options / job profiles of the country and the world:


International Business Manager


project manager


Usher manager


events manager


Property manager


Food and Hotel Manager


Healthcare manager


Medical records manager


Bank manager


These performance culture managers


Turism and Travel Manager


Aviation manager


Risk manager


Business staff


Huesman Resource Manager


Odense manager


DRM Manager


Retail manager


Major Management Act Mage in India’s offices:


When you respond to the post of a manager in a company or office, according to your department, you act as an episode between the top management and staff of your company or office.

You are constantly planning, execution and evaluation of all the activities of your department so that along with cost cutting, your company or office can continue to make profits or else, your office or your achievement.


Salary package:


Various management degree holders are being offered very attractive salary packages in India including the whole world. Even during their studies at India’s top IIMs, students get very attractive salary package offers through university placements. In our country, usually someone initially works on an average salary package of 3 – 4 lakh rupees for fresh management, but with increasing work experience, no limit on the maximum salary of these professionals can be fixed, that is, the country’s large brands, MNCs and county houses are also offering yearly packages of Rs 1-2 crore or more to these professionals. Similarly, according to the educational qualification, work skills, talent, work experience and result orientation of these professionals, their salary package keeps increasing every year.


Top Indian recruiters:


If you have obtained a management degree from a renowned institute at graduation level in very good marks or merit positions, then you can apply to the following top recruiters of India for various managerial positions.


Ashok Leyland Limited


Kalpataru Limited


Allied Digital Services Limited




Smart cube


CRISIL Global Research and Analytics


ICICI Securities


Federal bank


Rane Group


HCL Inc Specialist Ltd


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