Today, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing are being used in every field. Professionals specializing in older skills are focusing on increasing their ability to stay on the job. Over time technology, market needs change.

Companies are focusing on technological development for some reasons like increasing profits, lowering the cost of services, production automation.

The skills that are in demand in the field today, do not necessarily remain intact. Due to technological advancement, the need of occupations like typist, hand composing has been reduced to a minimum. Corporate companies realize this. Their top management is investing a lot on the development of the technology used today. Companies are also helping in training employees.

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Training opportunities

Anyone can join their training program of choice online and offline. Training institutes and employer companies are using them with great precision to increase the skills of their employees.

Even earlier, the model ‘Higher and Train’ has been adopted. Usually an arrangement is made with any educational institute, consultants etc. for arranging such training.

Let us know about some such professions where considerable attention is being paid to skill development.

Engineering soft skill

Most engineering degree holders do not have jobs due to lack of necessary skills to suit the needs of the field. Lack of knowledge about old syllabus and new technology is one of the reasons.

Realizing this, AICTE has started a training course for its ten thousand engineering college students. This online course has been started by AICTE in partnership with TCS ION. This course will help youth to develop career skills such as corporate values, effective email writing, presentation and other personality traits. To do this course related to aspiring youth career skills go to, This platform trains youth in many new techniques.

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System security

The increasing use of IT technology is also increasing the number of cyber crimes. Every IT company is training its personnel or encouraging them to increase their skills to avoid any such pitfalls. Interested youth can present a strong claim to the job by taking online courses like Network +, Security + and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

IT certification

Computer science students and professionals can strengthen their claim to the job by getting training in many new technologies in the IT sector. Often private companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle conduct training courses in new technologies related to them. There is a great demand for certification related to cloud computing, SQL Server, My SQL and Animation.

Certification in financial market

After graduation, the youth who want to pursue a career in the financial market should move towards certification like NCFM. After doing this, they can get jobs in positions like stock analyst, portfolio manager. Apart from this, the National Institute of Security Markets and ICICI Direct Center are jointly getting advanced certification in the financial market. Apart from these, professionals can also do diploma and advanced diploma courses in financial market management.

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Digital marketing

Learning new methods of marketing has become necessary for the youth looking for jobs especially in the fields related to sales and marketing. The technology of online marketing is becoming more effective in some kind of sales promotion. Many online platforms like Corsera, Udemy offer courses in it.

Video games industry

It would be a surprise to know that the business of video games industry has grown much faster than all other sectors. The biggest reason is the increasing popularity of mobile gaming. Youngsters who do Bachelor and Master in Video Game Design are getting job opportunities even before completing the course.

For those who are already associated with the gaming industry, there is a need to shift their skills towards mobile gaming.

Youngsters who are fundamentally familiar with computing and games should take special certification courses on other aspects of game design including level design, storyline development. Interested students can do diploma and certificate courses in game art and design.

Specialists in electric and hybrid vehicles

The central government has announced a number of concessions on electric vehicles. Youth can improve their job conditions by paying attention to the technology of such vehicles. Interested professionals can get training in it through NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhancement Learning), Government of India. He can take courses like ‘Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles’, ‘Electric Vehicles-Part 1’.

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The challenges

  • It is not easy to change the mindset of people who have become stereotypes of long standing.
  • Generally people do not take the risk of learning something new after an age.

After the responsibilities of household and family, it is difficult to find time for training.

Skill upgrading course fees also become a challenge due to financial constraints.

The emphasis is on skill based courses

Many youth, mostly graduates, are giving importance to skill based courses according to the needs of the changing market and industries. The youth are also second to none in availing the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana to acquire the appropriate potential for their jobs.

However, the number of youth getting jobs through it is not high.

The top ten IT companies have given job opportunities to 06 percent of engineering graduates. That is, 94 percent of IT graduates did not meet the standards of the top companies.

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What is needed?

  • Youth should not hesitate to learn new. If needed, try to learn different skills from your workplace.
  • Familiarize yourself with new information and changes related to your profession.

  • Only then can you move towards learning in the right direction.