How to become a data Analytics? If you are interested in knowing the statistics professionally and you have a good understanding of programming, then you can give a new dimension to your career as a data analyst.

What do the data analyst?
Data analyst is called professionals who have good knowledge of programming, statistics, applied mathematics and computers. These data are thoroughly examined by exploring important information. Data-storage companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc require most data analysts. If a company’s business is declining, then it is looking for a way to make the company profitable by analyzing the data on its servers. Many times they also prepare these new business plans based on those analyzes.

Statistics are expected
According to a report from NASCOM, last year the Data Analysis Industry made $ 23 billion business. This year, it is getting more edge. According to a report of International Data Corporation, data production will increase to about 40 zatababytes by 2020. Around 7.5 million data professionals will be required for such large data repositories.

When to keep the steps?
If a student wants to become a data analyst then he must graduate with 50 percent marks. There are some institutes who enroll in Advance Certificate or PG Diploma after Master Degree. In these, students of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Accounting are given preference. In the course of data analysis, market research processes, research method and design, data collection process, tools and data analysis of data analysis are looked after prominently. This includes courses ranging from six months to two years.

Holds on Maths and Statistics
The job of the data analyst is responsible, because it is the responsibility of solving business fluctuations through data. Professionals who have a good grip on mathematics and statistics and who have a good understanding of programming, they can achieve a higher status in this field. Apart from this, they have qualities like team spirit, effective communication skills, long working ability, patience, ability to think logically, business trends information. This makes it easier to move forward in a career.

Attractive pay package
After successfully doing the course, the Peshawar gets the easy salary of 30-35 thousand rupees per month in the initial period. After getting two to three years of experience, they get salary of 50 thousand to 60 thousand rupees per month. Multinational and foreign companies are giving a big package to the data analyst.

Today there are many such data analysts who are working on millions of packages overseas. Those who teach are getting 60-70 thousand rupees every month easily.

Expert Advice

Lack of awareness is coming down.
Today, not only India, the use of data in the whole world has increased rapidly. Startup companies related to banking, finance, insurance, e-commerce and data analytics are pushing for more and more use of it, because through this, they test customer preferences and dislikes. This is the reason why demand for data analyst has increased wildly. But still this industry is not getting the speed, which should be given.

Actually there is a lack of awareness among the youth about this region. At the same time, the institutions teaching this subject are also less. If the student shows awareness and seriousness throughout the course, then after the course, he will not sit empty.


  • International Institute of Market Research and Analytics, Bangalore
  • IIM, Lucknow
  • Bridge School of Management, Gururgram
  • International School of Engineering, Hyderabad
  • IIM Bangalore
  • IMT Ghaziabad
  • Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

Some major courses
– PG certificate program in data analytics
– Advance Course in Big Data Analytics
– Certified programs in these business analytics.
– PG Diploma in Business Analytics.
– Executive Program in Business Analytics
– PGDM in Analytics Specialization.
– Certificate Program in Big Data Analytics
– Certificate Data Analytics