Digital India, Make in India, Skills India are quite popular among the people. Today the Government is taking services of youth specializing in public policy to decide the social development policies. There are many other options for the youth in this field. Our Career Consultant is introducing the opportunities for career opportunities for the youth in the field of public policy.

At present, government’s public policies like Digital India, Make in India, Skills India are quite popular among the people.

Students are showing interest in this and are looking forward to career prospects in the country with a desire to make better changes. Solving complex problems like rising poverty, violence, and poor health conditions are not limited to politicians, economists and bureaucrats today.

Today, public policies, ie public policy specialists, are collaborating with private, government, international institutions and in many ways they are contributing in policy making. Government of India is also selecting young people other than Civil Services, so that they can help fight today’s challenges.

The institutions involved in the public policy are also being taken at the government level. Today there is a need for new thinking and talented young people. It is an estimate that in the forthcoming time, the central and state governments will need more and more public policy scientists in urban and rural schemes.

Today, public policy specialists are getting opportunities from corporate groups to startups. Apart from politics, management, law, these experts are providing their services in some form of science.

How can i become an expert in public policy?

To become an expert in public policy, there is a need to study many more topics including law, social science, political science, psychology, history. Understanding the complexity of the subject, various courses are being run in many institutions of the country on public policy.

The youngsters studying in this are familiar with the challenges present in the country. It helps young people to understand old economic policies, environment, national and international issues, and become skilled in the creation of new schemes.

Advantage of the course

Our education system has been meditating very soon after studying the public policy. Although today the courses of certificate, diploma and degree level are being done in many institutions in public policy.

Most institutes make two-year masters in public policy courses. Master in Public Policy and Public Administration is also a course. Graduate students from any subject can take admission in these courses. .

In some institutes, merit is admitted in some of the entrance exams. There is also facility for PhD in this institute. Today, after doing a degree and diploma course, the student becomes eligible to provide services to many government and private institutions. In this, some institutions are offering placement facilities to the students from the college. .

As far as the matter is concerned, during the course of the course, law, governance, public policy making, statistical data analysis, economics of public policy, academic writing, qualitative research etc. are studied with other topics.

Apart from these, the importance of management skills, importance of Democratic values, etc. is also given. Fellowships are also given to meritorious youth in this. .

What are the capacities?

Due to the usefulness of many subjects, there should be a strong hold on every subject concerned. There should be patience to understand the problems and challenges and explore their solutions.

  • There should be a sense of social and economic disparities in the country and the reason for reaching their causes. Analytical thinking should be there. It takes the courage to move away from the leak and do something new. This will help academic trends grow.

Job opportunities in india and abroad

After training in this subject, job opportunities can be found mainly in institutions, local bodies, large industries, banking sectors, railway, defense and organizations related to private sector related to policy-making of central and state governments. According to their obligation, the scope of the job is done.

Therefore, their salaries and allowances are also attractive with work experience. Specialty youth are available in the spot policy analysts, public affairs manager, research associate, statistician etc. Government institutions periodically drop out the vacancies for the experts.

In this, many options open up for the youth after education, as it can be linked to research and development work or teaching, can become part of the panel of independent research institutes and strategists.

Today many institutions of foreign and foreign are engaged in research and development activities, so moving toward research in public policy brings many great opportunities for careers. Many independent research institutes are giving opportunity to skilled youth in research work.

Today, many government and non-governmental organizations are doing a course in public policy. They need skilled teachers to teach them. In this, after the PhD, the teaching can be easily increased towards work. .

  • There are good prospects for successful youth in the public policy to succeed in management. These managers also help in making policies and also help in making policies on many aspects of the institute.

Challenges of this area

  • The responsibility of professionals associated with them is related to determining the direction and direction of the government and administration, so they always have to keep a close watch on the circumstances, financial indicators and other changes.
  • To work closely with politicians, high administrative officials and experienced policy makers is the need for patience, effective communication, and the ability to present their ideas in a rational way. Professionals have to be familiar with the effect of each word of the report while preparing the report.

Institute in india

  • University of Mumbai

  • IGNOU, Delhi

  • Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule University, Jaipur

  • National Law School of India University, Bengaluru.

  • Central University of Jammu

  • Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi