Have you done this year 10th? Are you having difficulty in choosing a career? First of all, set which topic your interest is in.

What do you want to become in the future? Accordingly, choose Arts, Commerce or Science stream. Before choosing a career, definitely get the child’s Aptitude Test and Career Interest Test done with the help of the Career Counselor.

Often, most students think that there is a lot of scope in commerce and science but there is no arts.

If you think so, then let’s say it is not at all. Whatever you take in the stream, the future is in every stream. Therefore, to achieve your goal, talk with your teachers or friends about what will be the right to read.

If you do not understand anything then you can get help from a career counselor. Describe by talking to them about which stream is best for your future.

If you get 90% marks in the 10th century and you can easily get a science and commerce stream, but if your interest is in the arts then choose Arts stream regardless of the people. Because you know, the better you will be able to do in the arts, not in the science and commerce stream.

Science stream: Students attending the Science stream have to take English, Physics and Chemistry as mandatory subjects.

In addition, they have a choice that they can choose biology with a vocational subject or take maths with a vocational subject. They can also choose non-vocational subject biology and maths.

Students who have decided that they have to do engineering after 12th standard, they should choose Maths. Those who want to go to the medical line, they should keep biology. If someone has to do any technical course like biotechnology or nanotechnology, then he should take combination of physics, chemistry, meth and biology.

Commerce Stream: Students attending Commerce stream are required to read accounts, business studies, English, Economics subjects. Apart from this, you can take maths and if you do not want to take maths, then you can take one of the subjects from Sociology or Psychology.

Humanities (arts): There are compulsory subjects in English and one second language such as French, Sanskrit or Hindi. Optional subjects include: Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, Economics, History etc.

  • Students also make considerable experiments while selecting the fifth subject. Like science stream economics or psychology take it. Arts, Maths, Psychology and Economics.
  • Not only 11th, when choosing a subject in any course, one rule must always be kept in mind. This rule is interested in the subject and the performance of the student in it. Choose the subject you are interested in.

  • Do not choose any subject seen by friends or others. If you are not too keen to pursue further studies or career in any subject, then there is no point in choosing that subject.

  • When choosing any combination, it is usually seen that which way we are opening up by taking it. As important as watching this, it is equally important to see which of your paths will be stopped by taking this combination.

  • Children of the 11th can not roughly decide what they want to do next. Choosing one thing can be difficult.

It is better to choose five choices of your choice and then take such combinations that do not stop these five ways.