For years, students dreamed of earning extra money for their pocket. Maney of our fellow students needed pocket money for little expences and used to search little options. On this page you will find all the best ways to make money in your spare time at the university based on your own experience. We will continue to add new ways on this page so that go ahead and bookmark it. And please share your thoughts in comments!

part time jobs

A part-time job is clearly the first choice, which has been selected by most students to supplement their student loans. It provides a very steady flow of income and enables you to gain valuable work experience.
But finding good jobs is not always easy!
Start with our student job search, then check local classifieds and your university’s career service for vacancies.
It is also worth signing up with the CV Library, a free service that will match your CV with appropriate part-time jobs and career opportunities.

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Online Survey jobs

A popular way of making money for students is to fill the online survey in their spare time. Research companies are always recruiting new members worldwide for answering surveys and testing new products.
For a few minutes of filling the form, you can make some quid, which is paid in cash or as a reward. You can take a bag of up to £ 3 ($ 5) for some surveys!

1- ClixSense 2- Neobux 3- Opinion world 4- ipanelOnline 5-Paidviewpoint 6- Surveysavvy 7- Global testing market 8- Cinchbucks 9- Zippy Opinion 10- M3 India Survey Panel 11-Univox Community India 12- Swagbucks 13- Viewfruit India Panel 14- MobileXpression 15- AIP Online Survey India
16- US consumer opinion panel

Also sign up for which rewards you for surveys as well as simply surfing the web, watching videos and playing games.

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Paid for web search

Are you already interested in earning cash online? This is actually one of the easiest ways to make money online without any effort or change in your behavior.
This innovative idea of reward you for searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You simply install a simple add-on in your browser, and when you do a search, there may be some sponsored results along with your usual search.

Each Qmee result includes a cash prize – if you are interested in it, just click on it and collect your reward.
The best part is that there is no minimum for cashout – our first payment was just 72p wired in our PayPal account. You also have the option to donate it.
Sign up now for free and start earning from your own searches! Click here to start.

Online trading market

The historically hard-working world of investing in stock markets and currencies has been widely open cracked. There is no need to be fat cat today or the yacht will have to be funded for the Wolf of Wall Street-style stock brokers. You can do this with the help of the online market trading platform.

Spend several hours researching this new opportunity, I’m experimenting with two of the biggest platforms: plus 500 and Both offer free practice accounts.

Altogether, I like eToro with more than 8 million users worldwide. It has been featured in BBC 2 documentary “Traders: Millions By the Minute” and recently started sponsoring several Premier League football clubs.

Start your own website

Interested in generating passive income? You need a website. This is the way to earn money while you are sleeping.
It takes less than 20 minutes to start a website with Bluhost, there is hardly any expenditure and can be done till the age of 82. It only plugs a bit on social media to get its first visitors, and there are so many ways to monetize your site.
Save the Student is just one example of a successful website, was started by Owen Burke in its first year at the University, which has since grown into a full-time and large-scale enterprise.
Read our step-by-step guide to starting the website in 20 minutes. This is actually one of the best assets you have.

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Review websites and apps for cash

Well, it seems like you have a lot of nifty with a web browser, so it’s probably time to turn on and browse websites as a paid and fun job!
Introducing – a new platform that pays people every day to review all types of websites. Each review takes about 20 minutes and you have to pay $ 10 (£ 6.50) through PayPal.

Gate paid to (GPT)sites

To make money from online surveys, GPT sites reward you in cash and voucher for completing various offers or activities online.
Today the most popular sites are Toluana, Swagbucks and InboxPound.

Become a delivery boy

Found a bicycle, motorcycle or car? What about a smartphone? Whenever you get some free time, you need to make some extra money by distributing food or people.

Sign up for delivery specialist companies like Delivero who are always on the hunt for new riders. When you want, you provide total flexibility to work, from restaurant to food to customers’ door. You can make up to 16 pounds per hour.
Double-up your opportunities by contacting large chains such as local takeaways and dominos so they can see that they have a delivery job.

Write and publish Kindle eBook

If students are good at anything, then this is research and writing. With the Amazon Kindle Store, anyone can publish eBooks’ and earn money.
And Kindle App is now available on almost any device (Laptop, iPad, Smartphone and Yes, Kindle), so your global market is huge!
List your book for £ 1.49 – £ 6.99 and you earn 70% of the sales. Keeping Amazon in mind is the ultimate sales machine (and remember that people want to spend), this is a great deal.

Creating the key value of success with eBooks and writing non-fiction. Just have you compiled research and compiled information on a common problem (like ‘mystery to search job’) and then presenting it in easy form to digest it (ebook) justifies someone to spend something on it .
A great cover for a big tip is designed (browse them), so it stands out, and once your book is live on the Kindle Store, getting some reviews is really important, so in the results Shows higher. Encourage readers to leave an honest review at the end of their book.
The best thing about this fascinating idea is that once you invest time (say 20 hours), you will earn a passive income for the coming years!

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a good presence on social media or you have a blog or website, then you can start bringing instant money by promoting all types of companies, products, services and offers online.

Sign up as a publisher on the Awin network, check out their offer blog or browse a merchant listing so that you think your friends will be interested in it, grab your affiliate link and share it. If someone purchases using your link (can be within 90 days), then you will make a good commission.

Become a ‘Clickworker’

The concept is based on ‘Internet-sourcing’, where businesses advertise business-specific, scalable tasks that they need to complete quickly. And for us, this is an easy way to make cash fast from our couch.

There are many types of work, but in most they include mindless data entry, web research or form filling. For the work you do, you are rewarded and paid through cash and paypal, and when you work, you can choose.

Review music for money

If you love music, then create your own business by reviewing online unsigned bands and artists for cash with the solicetops.
It may take some time to create your reputation, but some site users have said they earn £ 40 per month. It can not seem very much, but if it is something that you enjoy, then it should not be a difficult task and there is one more thing for your CV. The money you earned will be in US $ but no one can sign up and review

Sell your notes for cash

If you do not want to share your notes with other students, then this is a great way to generate a little extra cash. There are sites that you can upload your notes with your own price, and then when another student downloads them, you get paid.
Most of these sites such as Nexus NotSund Stewia are free to list your notes, but tend to cut their profits to handle marketing etc., so that you do not have to go out of there and boost your notes yourself. Please give it.
You will be most likely to upload PDFs, but it is worth it for returns and you can submit handwritten notes, but if they are typed, you are likely to make more money.

Buy and Sell domain names

A domain name is just a website address (such as ‘’ or ‘‘) and lots of extensions (.com, .net, etc.)
For registration with, they cost less than $ 0.99, even if the premium domain name can be $ 1,000 if not sold in millions. In 2007, went for a $ 35m!
Now you are probably not going to do anything like that, but you can still change a quick profit with a little search. Find the available domain name for the trick, which have some commercial value, then snap them and then list them for sale on sites like

Become a tutor

To become a tutor for other students is easier than ever. Until recently your market was limited to local face-to-face sessions, but thanks to online tuition sites you can go global!
Udayam allows anyone to create online courses (literally anything!) And users are paid forever after taking it.
For one-to-one tuition, list yourself on Superprof, Mytutor and UK Tutors.
You can expect to earn up to £ 10 per hour, and you do not need to get high qualifications for small GCSE or even A level students.

Work as a charity collector

This job takes a certain type of person, because you have to take a lot of rejection and have to be continuously.
But if you are flirtatious, gentle and merciful, you can sell ice to an eskimo, then it may actually be the idea of making a great student money. You get commission on new sign ups (usually around £ 20).
Take a look at Wesser as well as charity websites like Oxfam.

Freelance work

Perhaps you enjoy writing a Facebook page in your spare time, or doing a little bit of graphic design work. There are so many freelance jobs that require simple skills or just time that someone else can not have.
And the best thing about freelancing is that you can work with clients from the UK and around the world only with their internet connection while developing valuable skills.
A great place to start is the leading freelance site

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Sell your stories and videos

If you have an interesting story, you can try to sell it papers. It can be anything from sleeping with a professional footballer until a horse of a cloth is caught!

One of the Save the Student team was unfortunate that the pigeon was able to break his window at University and sell it to the Son for 50 pounds.
You can also film your colleagues all the time and you can send yourself 250 pounds and a few seconds of fame on the net.

Become a Youtuber

According to recent statistics, we now watch more videos on YouTube than searching on Google. With the recently launched YouTube Partner Program, you can now benefit from creating and uploading videos. You will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views.

You can earn a lot of money based on how successful you are (virility, subscriber base and subject), and more and more YouTubers have a lot of stories every week to make it a career.

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