Making money online has become not only a trusted trend among youths today it has become a need of new generation also. Are you a student or a housewife or a retired person who is eager to earn some income in the free time? If the answer to this question is yes, then you can easily earn online income through data entry jobs which is very easy and you do not need any professional skills. All you need to know – typing!

What is Data Entry?

Data Entry has a direct meaning to enter information in the electronic format, in the data processing program such as MS Word, Notepad or online form. So those who do data entry jobs are called Data Entry Operators.

Therefore, to be successful as a data entry operator, you must have a good typing speed. For this type of typing work your speed is measured in the number of words that you type in a minute.

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Types of data entry jobs

There are various types of typing jobs that fall under the category of data entry jobs like CAPTCHA typing, simple typing and filling form etc.

Here are the most popular data entry job types:

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1. Form filling work

In this job you have to fill the given data in the online form. You need concentration on the job to fill the correct details in the forms.

2. Simple / simple typing work

This is the most basic thing in which you have to give data in MS Word or Notepad. This is the easiest thing and nobody can do this. But to create decent income, you need to maintain the typing speed of approximately 30-40 WPM (words per minute)


This is also a typing task where you are asked to type the text displayed in the captcha image. As you see in those pictures, you need to enter the correct text.

4. Audio to Text Jobs

In this job you will be given some audio files and you have to listen carefully and convert them to the proper format.

15. Medical Transcription

This is one of the highest paying jobs. In this job you have to type the medical data given to you in the data processing system. This is a bit complicated because you will be able to find medical words that you do not know about.

These are some of the most popular data entry jobs that you can try to make income from home.

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The Best Website To Get Online Data Entry Jobs

There are many sites that provides online data entry works but many of them are fake only a few sides hardly pay for customers. Many people complain about fake sites but due to legit provision nobody can help them.I searched many sites and find some trusted sites to work online.We have collected the best resources that provide online data entry jobs. let’s get started!

It is one of the most famous websites that offers original CAPTCHA solutions. They pay for each 1000 resolved captcha and the minimum payment is $ 3. Apart from this, they have a very strong referral program which helps you make more money.

Amazon mTurk

Amazon MTurk is a micro-job site that offers a variety of small jobs that can be completed in a very short time. They also provide online typing jobs, including data entry, filling out forms, solving captcha and many more!

Online micro job sites

There are lots of micro-job sites like MTurk who offer data entry jobs. But you should aware of bad and fake sites, Don’t worry, we have tested many sites on net and find some legit and trusted sites where you can easily trust and make mony.

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The best ones are:


Click Worker


We have searched a larg number of sites, from where we find some legit trusted sites
You can try any or all of these sites to get data entry work without any investment.

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Freelancing sites:

Nowadays everyone wants to work as a freelancer because there is so much freedom to work as a freelancer. If you are interested in creating a career in data entry or in any other field, then this is the best method.

Here are some of the popular freelancing sites you can try:

There are many sites that provede work but some of them pay cash, a few sites are cheating only. If you have free time to work two or more hours then this job is the best job for you.
Try these sites and work regularly, You will definitely start making decent income from here!