People, Who wants to touch the sky can fulfill their dreams. Careers in aviation provide many opportunities for pilot, engineering and mechanics, airport operations and advancement in aircraft manufacturing. These jobs are often in commercial airlines, private construction companies, airports and government organizations. Many aviation and aerospace manufacturing companies employ technicians and engineers to showcase repair and maintenance services on a variety of aircraft before selling. Others may need technicians to test for different planes and develop new elements. A strong background and people with a degree in mathematics, science or industrial engineering can rent well in aviation.

We provide some informations about various types of jobs, aviation degree, career development capability and the skills needed to succeed in this field of aviation.

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Cabin Crew

If Your personality is attractive, there is a good catch on Hindi and English language, your minimum qualification is 10 + 2 from any subject, your height is between 157 to 170 centimeters and you are between the ages of 17 to 26 years, so this area is just is for you. This course is of one year duration. If you want to work as jet-crew’s lifestyle as a cabin crew, you have to demonstrate hard work, dedication and professionalism around the clock and the world.

Members of the Air Cabin crew provide excellent customer service while ensuring their convenience and safety during the flight. The crew is trained to deal with safety and emergency situations which can arise and provide first aid to the passengers.

As a cabin crew member, you will ensure that all emergency equipment are working before working and there is enough supply on the board. You will help passengers to board the plane and showcase safety procedures and equipment.

Air cabin crew tries to make the flight experience enjoyable for the passengers and serves snacks and food and sells gifts and duty-free goods. You can work on short or long flights.

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Ground staff

The work of ground staff is huge and varied. They have to do various tasks for the safe and steady departure of an aircraft and from commercial to technical handling for arrival.

They operate at the airports to run the airports efficiently. From the reception of passengers to the take-off of the aircraft, airport ground staff and air operations personnel, business activities, airline operations and operating airports, play an important role.

Ground staff work

  • Check passengers for flights
  • To book again or to book again the passengers whose flights have been canceled or delayed.

  • Helping travelers traveling with disabled or small children

  • Offering the latest information about the passengers

  • Helping travelers in all inquiries including lost or delayed goods

  • Employees assist in checking safety when the situation arises

  • Providing high level customer service for passengers and passengers traveling from the airport

Usually, from 6 months to 1 year Diploma in Airport Ground Service Management Course, Personality Glooming is included in Airport Terminology, Check-in Processor, Airport Security, Cargo Rules, Airport Signals. 10 + 2 is required in any subject, with the minimum qualification, age of 18 to 26 years and minimum 50 percent marks.

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Air Cargo Management

This highly interactive course provides a 360° management perspective from industry experts working at the most successful airlines and freight forwarders about the air cargo industry. You will review the cargo management system with an international perspective, focusing on the business, operations and regulatory fundamentals.

In the Diploma in International Air Cargo Management Course from 6 months to 9 months, you can avail cargo law, customs rules, warehousing, aircraft limitation and loading capacities, clearing processor, claim rules, insurance and free trade in addition to aviation history and geography. The topics are as follows: For admission in this field, you should have minimum 10 + 2 educational qualification and above 18 years of age.
Employment opportunities in Air cargo Management

Counter Executive, Sales and Marketing Executive, Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Airport Duty Officer, Freight Forwarders, Distribution / Logistics Manager, Port Management, Rail Operations Manager, Transport Manager – Passenger Services, Transportation Planner, Warehouse Manager, Customer Service Coordinator, Operations Agent , Export / Import sea freight coordinators, fleets and facilities, Logistics Operations Manager etc.

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Air Ticketing

Under the UDAN initiative by the Government of India, there is hope for the development and operation of 100 regional airports with scheduled flights from 2018-2019.

In addition to the airports and passengers, airports and thousands of air tickets, hotel rooms and travel planners will need to be aviation and hospitality specialists. This will increase the need for trained professionals to meet these job roles.
There should be minimum 10 + 2 academic qualifications for admission and should be more than 18 years old. Courses given in diploma in air ticketing and travel management with minimum duration of 6 to 9 months are given training agency, world time zone, airport and airline codes, payment mode, foreign currency, passport and visa etc.

Job Opportunities in air ticketing

Many companies like Aptech offers 100% job placement assistance for aviation, hospitality, and entry into the travel and tourism industry. The Academy has a job placement team that helps you find the right job in India or abroad after completing your course.

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Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is India’s largest service industry. It provides heritage, cultural, medical, business and sports tours. The main purpose of this area is to develop and promote tourism, to maintain India’s competition as a tourist destination and to improve the employment and generation of tourism products to ensure employment generation and economic development. In this section, we provide information about various tourist destinations, travel methods, accommodation and approved travel agents. Even after entering this area, you will get lot of work in aviation. From the certificate course of 6 months to three years Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management and Post Graduate Courses are also available, which you can choose on your academic qualification.

Career Opportunities in Travel and tourism

Holiday / Travel Agent

Tourism manager

Travel Officer or Travel Agency Co-ordinator

Travel Counselor or Travel Consultant

Airline staff

Tourist guide

Transport officer

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Many jobs in aviation are highly technical in nature and require a strong background in math, engineering and related fields. Most positions are required to work as a team with other engineers and aviation professionals so that strong communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to handle day-to-day working duties. Strong attention to expansion and being able to follow the rules and protocols are also the skills necessary to be in any aviation job.

Almost all aviation professionals require at least a high school diploma or undergraduate degree to enter this field. Completion of FAA-approved training program is mandatory for some posts – Airframe and / or Power Plant (A & P) certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration are a basic requirement for aircraft maintenance technicians and a valuable certificate for working mechanics and engineering. Many companies and employers provide training for new employees and encourage employees to grow with the company by investing in additional training programs. Write your feelings in the comment box after reading this article.