How to make money on you tube? Many Smart people are making money using online tips but an ordinary people enjoy only watching videos and funny ads. Here are ideas for making a lot of money on YouTube, from which smart people are earning monthly or yearly writing, watching videos.

YouTube is Google’s most popular video sharing website. This is the best way to earn money from home. You do not have to have a website or blog to start earning. You just need good ideas, useful content and cameras to shoot your videos. There are thousands of people who are already generating 5 to 7 figure monthly income from YouTube. But you have to choose Channel as per your knowledge or interests.
There are many options like online tutorials, are these videos, beauty and makeup etc. You should choose the best option for which you have a true passion. We will also share some popular video ideas in the last part of this post.
Check out the easy steps for starting a YouTube channel and generating revenue.

Step 1: Signup with YouTube

The YouTube account sign-up process is fairly simple, although it is complicated by the fact that Google is the owner of YouTube and both have linked for registration purposes. For that reason, to sign up for a YouTube account, you must have a Google ID or sign up for a new Google Account. This is the first step to get started with YouTube. You must sign up with your Google (Gmail) account. Moving forward with YouTube is a simple process.
If you already have a Google ID via Gmail or Google+, you can sign in to with that username and password. Signing in to YouTube’s homepage with Google ID automatically registers you for a YouTube account and connects your YouTube sign-in to your Google Account. If you have no issues adding your existing Google username, there is no need to create a new YouTube account.
If you do not have a Google ID or have a business and you do not want to link your personal Google Profile to YouTube, you should register for a new Google User ID. You can fill out a registration form, and it will create both a YouTube account and a Google account at the same time and cross-link them.

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Step 2: How to Create a YouTube Channel?

  1. After the sign up process is complete, you need to create your own YouTube channel where you will upload your content (video).
    To get started, visit the home page and click the create account button at the top of the screen to go to the original Google sign-up form.
  2. It asks you to enter your desired Google username and password, gender, birthday, country location, current email address and mobile phone number. It will not ask for your street address or credit card information, however, and the fact is that you do not have to put a fork to your cellphone number or email address. Although it asks for your current email and mobile phone, you can leave both fields blank and move on. If you do not provide that information, then Google will not stop you from registering.
  3. Click the tab on the left side of the screen on the YouTube homepage

  4. Click on ‘My Channel’
  5. A form will be displayed, enter your channel name in this form and click on Create Channel

  6. Enter an attractive channel description in the next box that clearly describes your channel niche and clicks it done

Now, your channel is all set to upload the video.

Step 3: Upload videos

After setting up the channel, you can upload your video with the option at the upper right corner

Clicking on this upload option will guide you to the next page, which looks like this:

Step 4: Add Video Description

After uploading your file, you have to insert the title, description, tags for the video. All the details are extremely important to find your videos on YouTube.

Step 5: Video thumbnail

Select the video thumbnail from among options, or you can also upload custom thumbnails.

Step 6: Make your video public

Choose “Public” option from Privacy settings, choose a right category and save your video settings.

Step 7: Make Money from YouTube Channels

You need to set up a Google AdSense account to make money. But you can set up an AdSense account only when your channel becomes eligible for it. You have to upload useful videos that attract visitors. Start uploading videos regularly that help your viewers or be knowledgeable to them.
Note: It is easy to get AdSense approval on the YouTube channel compared to a blog or website.
If you follow all these steps, then you will definitely be able to make beautiful income from YouTube.
The idea of making popular YouTube money !!

Do you Want to make money online? Becoming a YouTuber can be a good option.
YouTube finds more than one billion unique users in a month: which is a huge audience. [1] Many people are already making money there: YouTube claims one million creators alone in their YouTube Partner Program.

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However, it can not be so easy from now on. YouTube has implemented a rule for the Partner Program. As long as they do not kill 10,000 lifelong ideas on their channel as an attempt to remove bad actors in the community, the producers will not be able to turn on monetization. This is a high threshold for those creators who want to earn livelihood from YouTube.
If you want to start a journey on YouTube, do not look at it as a monetization platform, rather, look at it as a catalyst for your income source. Here are some ways to earn money on YouTube, which is not easy after watching a million views on the video. Fortunately, earnings do not just flow from YouTube revenue or advertising, there are other ways too.
Here are some recent ideas that you can choose for your video channel:
• Beauty Channel
• Fashion and lifestyle
• Make it your own video
• Online Tutorials (Study, Stitching, Painting etc.)
• Mimicry and Funny Videos
• Web series

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Use YouTube to get traffic to your website and blog

If you’ve got a website or blog that brings in revenue, then you need traffic.
Due to Google’s panda, penguin and hummingbird updates, many websites have been hard-hit. If this happened to you, then you are suffering. You can use YouTube not only to regain traffic, but also to increase it.
Get started with Creator Playbook. When you are set up, consider turning some old content into a video as well as creating new videos. Make sure that you link to your own website in the first line of your video description so that you can funnel your YouTube traffic to the place where you want it to go.

Create products and promote them

If you’re building or creating your own product, then YouTube offers you unlimited ways to promote and sell your products. Products you create can include e-books, apps, art and music.
Create your own products, and add them to the shopping cart. Then use YouTube to promote them. Add a link to your product in your video description, so that viewers can buy.

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Sell others’ products as affiliate marketer

“Affiliate marketing” means selling products in exchange for commission. Thousands of companies offer attractive deals for affiliate companies, which promote their products, including large companies like Amazon and eBay, as well as small companies.
In addition, there are several affiliate networks you can join. These networks include ClickBank, Commission Junction.

To make money as an affiliate marketer from YouTube, review your affiliate products on the video, or create a “How to Use This Product” tutorial. Do not forget to link to your products in your YouTube statement – make sure you are using your affiliate link, or you have not received a credit for sales.

Create a web TV series

Like reading stories? YouTube lets you create your own web TV show You are limited only to your imagination … and your budget.
You can create a comedy series, a drama series or your own talk show. Keep in mind that YouTube limits the length of your show to 15 minutes. To upload long videos, you will need to increase your threshold.
If you are a disappointed TV or screen writer, get some friends together, and record their own TV shows. you never know. If you get lots of ideas, then you can develop a new career.

Become a YouTube star personality

YouTube stars can earn a lot of money. Despite the recent major advertising losses, the number of paid YouTube stars is 1 in 2016 with $ 15 million. It was estimated that he could get more than $ 13,000 for a week. Publications
If you have strange ideas, or are passionate about your interests, then develop your YouTube channel. You never know, you can be the next YouTube star.

Monetize your video with the YouTube Partner Program

After you’ve created many videos, it’s time to join the YouTube Partner Program. You only have to enable your channel for monetization, and you will receive your share of advertising revenue on YouTube.
As soon as YouTube Stars, you have to pay for each thousand views on your video.

Share your knowledge with the tutorial

Tutorials are huge on YouTube. If you know something, you can teach others, and earn money from your videos. Beauty videos are popular. Michelle fan, for example, has more than 1.3 million views.

Test your products

YouTube market is a wonderful resource for research – you can quickly find out whether your great, innovative idea is likely to be profitable.
For example, if you’ve got an idea for a product, but you have to make some videos before creating a campaign. The views and comments given on your video will tell you whether your idea is viable in its present form. YouTube audiences can also help you make it viable so that your efforts to get funding are successful.

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Measure your earning goals

To tell you whether you are still on the right track in terms of finance, it is important to regularly check your progress.
Meets the target for measuring. If you are not meeting goals. The current form of income can not work for you, or that the quality of the video is falling. Working on some changes can be a sign for you.

Always be creative

Quality content is always the key to attracting the audience. And for high quality content you can never lack creativity.
The Internet is changing so fast that a trend can come and go within a week. New ways to get extra revenue for you can pop up without notice to you.
So be creative with the use of your resources. Always find new ways and ideas for production and you can have unexpected returns.

All of these are some of the most popular ways to make money through YouTube. Hope this post will help you to grow your money with legit way.