Since 2016, all 11 examinations of SSC are being conducted online. In this age of information technology, everything is presented and available in digital format.

Apart from this, costs are also reduced in organizing online exams, as paper is not used at all, ease of preparation of evaluation and merit list, and the possibility of other discrepancies, such as fraud or pre-poster presentation, Are there. Apart from these advantages, candidates have to face some challenges in cracking the online exam.

In this article, we will discuss about the suggestions and methods through which the candidate can easily crack the SSC Online exam. Let’s think-

SSC Exam Tips : How to Crack Online Mode Exam?

Before cracking the online exam, before going to Tips / Tips for getting a high score in it, we will discuss the different features of the exams in offline and online mode so that you can easily understand the features and challenges of online exams. Let’s take a look at these-

Offline Mode Examination: – Under this, you can inspect the things mentioned below during the offline exam-

In offline exams you can easily read the questions right and fast. With this you can solve the maximum number of questions by saving your time.

You can see more than one question at a time in the offline exam and solve any of these questions according to your choice and convenience.

You can do small calculations only on the question paper.

At the end it is easy to review the questions.

The question can be solved very quickly and the maximum number of questions can be resolved in the offline exam compared to the online exam.

In this type of examination, you usually have a wall clock that you can see from time to time as per your facility during the examination.

It takes a lot of time to fill the answer in the OMR sheet.

The clock will always be in front of you on the computer screen in the online exam and you will be alerted to manage the time efficiently.

So you do not need to worry about the clock during the exam.

Navigation is quite easy and you can switch to any class according to your convenience and attitude to qualify in the exam.

You can change your answer in online mode as desired.

Related Statistics, which includes number of questions, time remaining, and number of questions added to the review, are always available in front of you.

You can see and solve only one question at a time.

To do calculations during the examination, many paper sheets are needed separately.

In this type of test you can only use the mouse, except that the use of the keyboard or all other input devices is forbidden. If you press any key from the keyboard, your record will be saved on the server, which will be saved in the offline mode exam Did not happen.

Now, we will take a look at the tips, tricks and suggestions that you can use to get maximum marks in the online exam in the examination hall-

Online practice

During the examination, you have to be in front of the computer for a fixed period of 1 or 2 hours in the examination. This is not an easy task. Many candidates experience headaches, etc. as they sit in front of a computer because they are not used to it.

Therefore, for the excellent performance in the online exam, you should gradually develop a habit of studying in the online medium.

Read the instructions carefully

Do not be too quick to start the exam and read the instructions first. Instructions give you a complete picture of the online exam, “How will online exams be organized and how will you do it?” To start the exam, you must give at least 10-15 minutes to read the instructions carefully and carefully. Do not waste time in sniffing in other candidates’ terminals.

So be smart because you can not review the instructions again in the middle of the exam.

Time management

Make your plans within the time available in the examination. You must have a prearranged sequence and timeframe to resolve the sections in your mind. Because there is no sectional cutoff in SSC exams. Therefore, you are advised not to give much time to any section in the scheme created. Also, do not leave questions from your weak areas for final inspection because in the end the clock appears to move more quickly, resulting in less productivity. Initially, only those questions which require less concentration will help you save time.

More practice

There is a simple mantra to get success in any exam – practice. Work so hard to do as much as possible to strengthen your grip on topics, tricks and techniques, in return that you can improve your chances of cracking this exam. To get acquainted with the online exams, you are advised to practice online mock tests and online test series available on the internet.

Avoid worry

Anxiety in the examination results from the shortage of time and can have serious impact on your brain’s nerves. So be calm and confident. Do not allow the time of the clock to prevail during your time otherwise all your efforts and preparation may be bad. The timer is an indicator and a reminder about the time remaining and the familiar questions. Overcome your anxiety and give your best performance in the exam.

15 Websites for SSC Preparation

As we know, SSC examinations are usually conducted in four subjects, including General Intelligence and Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Compresshemision and Common Knowledge.

Therefore, we will advise you to follow the following websites for the above mentioned topics:

Common Sense

The syllabus notified by the SSC for the GK section includes topics like Indian politics, history, geography, awards and honors, sports, general science etc. So there are various government websites for chapters of general knowledge.

Some of them are the following:

Arts & Culture-

On this website, informs you about Indian culture and art. The organization associated with this website provides practical training in drama, music, fiction, classical dance forms, etc. and gives knowledge in craft.

History and Geography –

From the landing page of the given URL, you will be able to get textbooks for different topics in different mediums. It is advisable to read history and geography from this website for success in SSC exam.

Constitution of India-

To get basic and latest information about the Indian Constitution, this website is very good in both short and long time intervals perspective. If you read well the content available on this website, then you will not miss any questions based on the Constitution in SSC exams.

Parliament – Structure, work, conduct of business, powers and privileges –

As the name suggests, the current parliamentary structure, work style, its strength and privilege and the other passed bill and their status can be confirmed from this website. These information are very useful in relation to the preparation of SSC examinations.

Other related information-

More information about sports, awards and honors, important dates and current affairs, you can redirect to this website and prepare your notes.

Quantitative aptitude

There are a number of online websites that provide different questions and answers from simple, hard levels, along with relevant study material. We will tell you about some relevant and accurate websites to prepare this section and replicate the topics-


This website provides queries from every topic to simple and difficult questions with their answers and explanations. Therefore, preparing an epituit section from this website will definitely increase your confidence in solving the questions and strengthen the concepts.


This website is very important for free quotes and online quiz. ‘Mahindra’ is a very famous name in the preparation of various competitive examinations, so following this website can prove to be of great value to you.

Olive Board –

This website is also very helpful in preparation of quantitative aptitude for not only SSC, banking and other recruitment exams but also for CAT, MAT and XAT examinations.

So you can understand the importance of this website. It is easily available on both mediums i.e. Mobile and Desktop, and both free and paid quiz tests are available for preparation on this.

General English and comprehension

If you know basic information / concepts well then this is a very important and scoring topic. It takes less time than quantitative aptitude and reasons. Come on – we know about websites that will help you increase your English grammar and Basics understanding of English language.

British Council-

As soon as you reach this page, you will find many tutorials for Pronouns, Determiners and Quantifiers, Possessives, Adjectives, Adverbials, Nouns, verbs, clauses, phrases and sentences etc.

We recommend that you read from this website because all the questions and related concepts are explained in detail. If you follow this website, then we can assure you that there is no need to go to any other website / online study material for this topic.

English grammar-

This is a very popular website and is also very useful for SSC candidates. Here you will find minor information on topical cones. You can also check your earned knowledge by trying questions and practice papers.

This website offers you printable chapters in all subjects of English. Apart from just exercising, you can talk to other students here and also remove your doubts from native tutors.

General Intelligence & Reasoning

After the quantitative aptitude, this section of the SSC exam contains confusing questions that take the most time. Therefore, accurate understanding of the types and types of questions is essential. There are many websites, which provide correct and exam relevant content for the Reasoning section.

Let’s know about something-


This is a very important and prestigious name in the preparation of competitive exams. Therefore, you continue to visit this website because it prepares all your requirements in preparation for the final selection from the preparation stage.

This website is not so generalized, but you will find some difficult questions on different topics for different competitive examinations. SSC sometimes asks for some common and difficult questions. So, this website will help you understand Tricks for the Reasoning section.

We are dedicated to providing all important information, tips and appropriate study materials for cracking the SSC examination (in So go to these websites in the above context and get the necessary information related to the preparation. So that your selection can be ensured.

Top 5 Tips to Increase Memory for SSC Examinations

It is very difficult to maintain information in the memory of the examination. In the end, you find yourself in trouble in the examination without any concrete and necessary information.

In order to overcome this problem, first of all, you have to understand that when you start answering the questions in the Examination Room, what facts are necessary in your mind and second, how will they remember these facts because of all these There are several formal and structural techniques available to remember detailed information. We are going to tell you how you can maintain or remember maximum information at the time of the examination.

We hope this will increase your confidence too.

Be combined / restrictive

Before discussing memory techniques, we first need to know what is the reason for not having good memory. The answer is-disorder. Under disorder, the disorganized data and disorganized study place in the study notes of different subjects, in which the objects or your study materials are located in an undisturbed manner. As a result of all such untoward things, you feel inability to remember the facts in the examination room.

Therefore, eliminate this behavior from your study / routine and get settled quickly.

Keep your rooms or places of study clean, which you are using to read and prepare study notes of all subjects in a clean and methodical way. By bringing cleanliness and order in your environment, you can bring a wonderful change in your brain capacity and will help you to increase your memory’s memory capacity to remember it.

Recall the facts in rhythm

Changing and organizing information in poetry is one of the easiest and most effective techniques. For example – we remember the poems or stories we heard in our childhood today. This is definitely helpful in improving your memory effectively and remembering large amounts of information. You can practice this technique efficiently with new and modern songs of poetry, chartbusters etc., which will definitely help you in this. Once you start using them generally, then using poetry helps you a lot in firmly establishing the facts in the brain.


Nature gives man the ability to remember the image of any object and use information from time to time, it means that everyone can remember the characteristics / textures of photos or images, and Can also co-relate. You can use this skill to combine any text / facts / information with pictures. What you learned from this will be stronger and will remain in memory for a long time.

It is also the easiest way to memorize the data stored in the brain and to engage in a wide range of information related to the facts.

If you do not have visualization memory or you have weakness in it, then you can use this concept by making your study notes in any comprehensible picture such as a Spider Diagram.

With this method, you can repeat and remember a lot of information at the same time. Always remember that

“the brain is lazy and does not work on complex ideas.”

Mind place

This method is also known as “Method of Loci” and Mind Pelaces can be used to remember a large amount of information. This is considered to be the best because it relates to your imagination and you It can be done continuously. This works like this:

a. First of all, imagine a house or a road or anything and make sure that you can easily remember the placement of the content contained in this model.

Come. Whatever information you have to remember, add pictures of this model to your mind through small details.

I. To memorize information, take one step back from the house or road model and you can remove important information from the objects of the related model accurately.

  1. If you want to add additional information to your memory bank, you can add it to another reference model such as a room or building and remember the information.

The above trick is a perfectly proven trick because it used to be used by Roman speakers Cicero to recall large amounts of information during their speech. If for them it was very effective at that time, then it can prove to be very good and effective for us today.


The concept of Mnemonics is very simple. It includes information about translation in an alternative form, which is easy to remember. Suppose, if you want to remember a long phrase in sequential order, take the first letter of each word from the phrase and use it to create a memorable sentence or phrase, which you can easily remember from the original sentence .

For example: – VIBGYOR means- Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

The derived phrase is easy to remember and it is also quite easy to understand.

The above mentioned technique practically proves to be very effective for students aged between 10 and 25 years.

Therefore, through this article, we advised you to practice regularly, to adopt any of these techniques and to get definite results in a short time.