Courses related to rural development are always the people’s choice. A large number of students in these courses are indicating that their demand will not be reduced even in the coming times. One of these is Rural Management.

India is called the country of the villages. Any development program can not be prepared without keeping in mind these villages. Rural development is directly related to the country’s economy. Unless the people here are educated and financially successful, the development of the country is not possible. For the last few years, the scenario of villages has changed so fast that the need of development is felt like cities, even on that. If seen, rural development is becoming a mission for development agencies. In this context, they are also bringing various changes in their programs.

The private sector is also playing an important role in it. New doors of possibilities are open for the graduated students. The special point of profession related to rural development is that it offers good income and social service as well. In this connection, the government has provided funds to many non-governmental organizations so that they can make all-round development of rural areas and make people aware about poverty, illiteracy, health problems, economic difficulties, problems of women etc.

Raising awareness

As it is necessary to take training for fishing, so it is necessary to make them aware of the development of the people of rural areas. Government and other related agencies believe that if people in rural areas are properly trained, they will increase self-reliance. It is possible that their migrations to the cities also decrease. Indian economy will also be strengthened by rural development. There are many such areas (Agriculture, Handicrafts, Fisheries, Poultry and Dairy etc.), which can be helpful in this.

After attaining independence almost every government has focused its attention on these points, but the schemes linked to them are not reaching the public in the right way. Nevertheless, rural development is given priority in every five year plan.

Today many companies are prominently setting up in rural areas.

What is the work of the Rural Manager?

Rural managers are responsible for implementing rural development programs properly. Professionals have to take responsibility for many rural organizations and institutions for this. They need to understand the problems of the people and the culture there, implement the project and the plan, to match the traditional markets and to match the other departments.

Immense possibilities for graduates

Considering the growing prospects in this field, the framework of the course has been fixed, it is necessary for a graduate. Many institutes have also set a minimum of 50 percent marks for eligibility in entrance exams. It can be admitted only on the basis of entrance exam. The entrance exam is screened in one way, after which the next step is interviewed.

Why choose the Rural Management Course?

Rural Management is a unique specialization that makes emerging professionals proficient in the art of developing, managing and manipulating the strategies necessary to improve the Indian rural landscape and bring about miracles.

The career prospects of emerging professionals are the highest in this field. Because the rural area is not fully developed in the affairs of infrastructure or all other festivals, or if there is only development, then the name is mere.

There is a lot of investment required to make these areas like the city and bring it into mainstream. In this context, the Indian Government is being given a lot of boost in investment in these areas. Many multinational companies, government organizations and Indian companies are watching the rural economy with the potential of excessive profit by entering this field.

Therefore, there are wide scope of career development in this field.

Role of Rural Management Professionals

The area of Rural Management demands some skilled professionals who are willing to develop a systematic plan for the development of socio-economic conditions in rural India.

As an expert in the Rural Management domain, students will have to work in the company’s ongoing project in such a way that with the profit to the company, there is also a substantial and sustainable development in the rural areas.

The additional benefit of improving living conditions of rural people improves gross domestic product.

Period and types of Rural Management Courses

There are 4 types of courses available in the field of Rural Management. The duration of these courses depends primarily on the level of the courses. Some courses have been mentioned below.

Diploma courses

After 10 + 2 diploma course can be done in Rural Management.

The duration of this course is usually from 6 months to 1 year.


The undergraduate course in Rural Management is known as BA in Rural Management.

Usually this course is of 3 years duration. It requires 10 + 2 pass for admission.

post graduate

Postgraduate degree in the field of Rural Management is achieved in a period of 2 years. On completing this course, MBA degree is provided in PDGM or Rural Management in Rural Management.

Doctoral course

Doctoral course is commonly known as the degree of Ph.D. In any field, the PhD degree is known as the highest degree of excellence.

It is usually completed in 3 to 4 years.

How to get admission in Rural Management Courses?

After understanding the admission process clearly, it can be very easy to find entry into Rural Management Courses. To get admission in this field, you need to know mainly about the eligibility criteria and the Entrepreneurship Examination so that you can get admission in your favorite institute or college.

Below is the necessary information regarding the Eligibility Criteria and Entrance Examination –

Eligibility Criteria-

The first condition to pass any exam and get admission in the Institute is to complete its Eligibility Criteria. This is basically a screening process for selecting talented candidates in any course.

Let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria for admission in some courses.

Diploma course

Diploma in Rural Management is a Foundation Course. Admission can be taken in this course after passing 10 + 2 at least 50 percent aggregate marks.


After passing 10 + 2 at least 50 percent aggregate marks in any stream, you can apply for BA course in Rural Management.


Candidates with a minimum of 50% aggregate percentages at the graduation level from a recognized institution / college can apply for a postgraduate degree.


For PhD in Rural Management, the candidate should have Postgraduate Degree in Rural Management from the Institute recognized by AICTE.

After this, the candidate must also give an entrance examination.

Entrepreneurship Exam

Admission in all professional courses is based on the marks you have found in the entrance exam. Therefore you should have enough knowledge of all entrance exams so that you can start preparing at the right time and get high cut off in the exam.

Diploma course

The State Board conducts an entrance exam for admission in the Diploma Course of Rural Management. Interested candidates can apply online through Common Entrance Form.


Apply for undergraduate courses in the Universities where Rural Management Courses are done.

post graduate

Entrepreneurship for admission in Post Graduate Courses











Doctoral Courses

Those who have passed Post Graduate Degree in the relevant stream, can apply for a PhD course in the respective university that organizes PhD programs.

The Best Institute for Rural Management Courses

The demand for Rural Management Courses is increasing day by day. This is mainly because most companies have to assess the potential for maximum growth and profits in this field. Under the Rural Management Courses, the patience and determination power of the candidates is tested. So if you choose to pursue a career through this course, then the list of some of the best institutions giving excellent knowledge are given below for your convenience.

You can make your dream come true by applying to these colleges to do the Rural Management Course –

1 – Indian institute of management

2 – Indian institute of management

3- Institute of Rural Management Anand

4 – Xavier Institute of Management


5 – Xavier Institute of Social Services


6 – Chandrasekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology


7 – Xavier University


8 – Symbiosis Institute of International Business


9 – Kerala Agricultural University


10 – National Institute of Agricultural Marketing


Career prospects in Rural Management Courses

It is a matter of fact that two-thirds of the population of India’s population settles in the rural areas and the social upliftment of the society is essential for the economic development of the country.

Therefore, selecting youths’ rural management courses is important for their career and country. It is equally useful in development.

Many people are interested in contributing to the rise of rural India.

Regardless of the salary prospects or job profiles or recruiters, there is a dire need of professionals in the Rural Management domain who wish to maximize their contribution without any expectation.

Let’s take a look at the career possibilities of this area –

Job Profile for Rural Management Professionals

After completing any course, everyone has a desire to start a good job and start a career with a good job profile. The relationship of the job profile indicates your designation and level.

Details of some job profiles given in the Rural Management field are given below –

Sales / Business Development Manager

Rural Development Officer

Purchase Vendor Development Officer

Business Development Executive

Sales officer

National Sales Development Manager

Salary prospects

Salary prospects for candidates in the field of Rural Management are very bright:

Digignation Salary (in INR)

Area executive। 4 to 5 million

Marketing and Sales Manager 4 to 5 million

Rural Manager। 1 to 3 million

Senior program officer। 4 to 5 million

Research head। 7 to 8 million


Specialization offered to students under Rural Management

Under the Rural Management, there is the facility of following specialization –

Rural Planning and Development :

The study of this topic develops knowledge and skills related to rural landscape.

For this, the art of proper utilization of resources available for the overall development of the region is also taught under it.

Natural Resource Development and Management:

As the name suggests, this topic deals with issues related to the development of natural resources and how to manage them for the prosperity of the agricultural sector?

Its complete knowledge is provided inside it.

Rural Marketing and Management: Marketing is an integral part of Rural Development. In this area, seller vendor strategies for marketing their products and services. All these things are taught and the correct marketing techniques are taught under this subject.

Rural Community Faculty and Services: To develop the rural landscape, it is very important to pay attention to the development of basic infrastructure such as cleanliness, drainage etc. and comprehensive information about all these topics is provided in this regard.

Social Security Problems, Policies and Programs: Law and Order is very important for the development of our economy.

Under this, a comprehensive study of Indian law and its impact is made for rural areas.

Top Companies for Rural Management Professionals

Everybody in his career wants to work in top-brand companies in the country and abroad. The details of top secondary management students are given in the top-ranked companies. In any of these, rural management students can fulfill their dreams by applying for jobs.

National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)

Bihar Livelihood Promotion Society – Living

BAIF Development Research Foundation

Vedanta CSR

ITC Ltd Agri Business Division

Godrej Agrove Ltd.

Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation

Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers Association Limited (AMUL)


IndusInd Bank Limited

Macro Foods

Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetables (P) Ltd.

ADM Agro Industries

Supermarket Grocerous Supplies Pvt. Ltd. (


Wide employment opportunities

After doing the course, students can easily get employment in government development agencies, NGOs, social sector units of corporate sector, State Resource Center. If the student wishes, it can adopt it as part time or social service through freelancing. Nowadays, NGOs are rapidly opening up. There are already many NGOs established, which are doing excellent work in the direction of rural development.

The government is providing adequate funds to them, due to which the organization is expanding the scope of work.

Opportunity for working as a trainer, researcher, consultant, project co-ordinator, project director in development agencies and institutes comes out. Talented people can get positions such as Rural Manager in the United Nations and other foreign development agencies.

A regular manager is a person who is looking for all the foreign development agencies. If you want to know about this area, then you can also try yourself by tender a project.

If your performance is good then further work will not be lacking.