“Making money is a hobby that is an easy way to fulfill your other hobbies”. This expression of Scott Alexander is perfect for someone who wants to start his career in a field that reveals his hidden talent. Such a career, which brings happiness and prosperity to your life, is the dream of everyone’s life which every person wants to realize.

But to live such a life, you have to work hard day and night in the beginning of your career, and then you will definitely progress. So start your untiring effort without losing time.

For your luxury or luxury full-life, we are presenting a list of India’s Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in the year 2018 for your convenience. To earn a lot of money and to give money to the day, day to day quadruple, these are some of the best options that you can consider.

Career as a lawyer / Legal Experts

If you think about making a career as a lawyer, your two objectives will be fulfilled because you will earn a good amount of money for your work as well as serving as a social worker. As a lure, you will never lack work because millions of lawsuits (criminal, civil, corporate or other types) are pending and judicial.

There are many businesses that hire their personal careers and give them great salaries.

After all, it is a moral responsibility of a Loire that acts as a protective shield to protect the affiliated organization from any external threat. In such an era where there is ‘Consumer King’, the Loire companies help settle the claims and protect the reputation of the affiliate brand from drowning.

There is an additional advantage in this profession that the status of the Loire, which is considered to be quite honorable and prestigious. For any legal matter, you always save the endangered person / party / organization.

If you do not want to work together in an organization, you can start your personal practice. If you have talent to manage and win different clients and their related matters, then you can get enough prominence as well as take the right price for your services.

The salary given below is another reason that inspires you to make a career in this field.

It meets the average CTC:

Individual Practice: Senior Attorney – Rs. 9.5 million per year

Corporate layer : 5 – 6 lakh per year (initially)

Career as a Management Professionals

Usually it is called “21st century occupation”. If you want to make a career in this field then there is also a great scope for you here. Henry Mintzberg once said that “Management is, at best, a practice where art, science and craft meet.” Therefore, if you want to get a high degree of career, then you can learn the skills of managing people and Make Money Therefore, getting a degree in a field of management will be very beneficial for you.

By making a career in the field of management, you will be able to advance to the top level of a company’s hierarchy. Executives do MBAs in various disciplines and specializations as per their preference, because it is a basic eligibility criterion for promotion at the top level of any company. Apart from this, the best salaries of these professionals also make the importance of this profession.

Any managerial degree holder person gets good pay in any industry because he is given the responsibility of completing the work.

Doctors / Medical Professionals

A medieval Jewish philosopher, Mamonides once said, “The doctor should treat the patient, not the disease, but the patient who is suffering from the disease.” People in every area of life give you the highest status after God because they trust you that you will protect their life.

There is no need to say that there will never be a fall in demand for this profession, because going to a doctor in the average life of every person has become a regular routine.

Those people who want to live healthy lives and who do not have any disease, they visit the doctor almost every time to increase their life expectancy. For a doctor, at the beginning of his career, much more hard work is needed. But when you understand the problems of handling your patients and the problems associated with them, then you can also start your practice.

When the medical practitioners join a healthcare brand and work as part-time doctors for them, these professionals can make great earnings. Therefore, once you become a doctor, you will not have to look back in your life. You will become a boon for all the patients suffering from diseases.

It meets the average CTC:

Fresher: Rs. 4.8 million per year

Intermediate: Rs. 8.10 million per year

Experienced: Rs. 17 million per year

Career as Business Analysts

Are you a problem solver? Do you feel better if you offer Solutions of Tricy Problems? If you have these symptoms then you may want to consider becoming a business analyst. But remember that your trends in numbers and the analytical tendency of your brain are the additional qualities required for this field.

As a business analyst, you will have frequent people to get Technical Solutions of your Business Problems. People do not believe in old technology and new software solutions are now available for scanning and scrutinizing data available for future growth of the business.

In such cases, you will be given a lot of salary. You will be considered an important resource because your data will help the affiliate make its strategies and long-term plans.

If you like to research and evaluate solutions, then this is one of the highest paid job profiles in the field of management.

It meets the average CTC:

Fresher: Rs. 6 million per year

Intermediate: Rs. 8.5 lakh per year

Experienced: Rs. 11.50 lakh per year

Career as IT and Software Engineers

The fastest IT sector in India’s service sector has presented itself with proof of making career in this field. World’s top multinational companies are praising India’s IT sector’s quality and there are plenty of work opportunities available for software engineers.

The world is moving towards the digital platform and initiatives like ‘Digital India’ are an extra boon for these professionals to join this industry. There is a lot of demand in the education industry, manufacturing industry, robotics, e-commerce and software engineers everywhere.

According to the responsibilities of these professionals and the responsibilities of jobs, their salary is determined.

Many entrepreneurial companies hire these software and IT professionals because these professionals are backbones of the digital industry.

Without the help of these professionals, no business will be able to reach Global Consumers. The salary given below proves this fact that these professionals are very important to make any business successful.

It meets the average CTC:

Fresher: Rs. 3.5 million per year

Intermediate: Rs. 8.3 million per year

Experienced: Rs. 15.5 lakhs per year

Career as Chartered Accountants (CA)

In fact, if you are stuck in a financial issue, then these professionals will help you get out of this financial mess. Whether it is a GST Reform or a change in the taxation policy of the government, there should be cases related to salary or, in the manner of saving tax money, these professionals are ready to save you.

CAs work in every part of the economy, regardless of the work or any other industry related to it.

These professionals are the backbone of our economy and provide advice and financial expertise to manage Financial Matters. A CA is an expert that provides accountancy, audit and tax services to various clients such as individuals, business houses and management consultants.

There is a lot of progress in this profession. If you want to be a chartered accountant, do not think again. You will get a great salary and the figures given below give proof of your financial growth.

It meets the average earnings:

Fresher: Rs. 5.5 lakh per year

Intermediate: Rs. 12.80 lakhs per year

Experienced: Rs. 27.70 million per year

Career as Aviation Professionals

On getting the certificate and degree in aviation, you will of course become rich. If you like to travel and you can travel a lot more air, you can also make a career in the aviation industry. In contrast, if you have a feeling of panic and sickness by air travel, you may also consider becoming an aeronautical engineer.

Good knowledge of physics is very important for starting a career in this field. As a pilot, you will fly for countries where you have never gone before and what could be a good thing is that you will be given a lot of money for this air travel. When Air Tickets are being reduced, people are more like air travel as an advanced mode of travel. This industry is really developing.

Airline companies are buying more air carriers and therefore demand for expert pilots is also increasing. Very few people in this field are interested.

If you like adventure and the heights attract you, then do not ignore this career option as pilots and related jobs in this field are also excellent.

It meets the average CTC:

Aircraft Engineer: Rs. 9.8 million per year

Commercial Pilot: Rs. 20 million per year

Helicopter Pilot: Rs. 18 million per year

Career as Oil and Natural Gas Professionals

According to a report by IBM (Business Monitor International), it is clear that, from the year 2015 to the year 2020, the capacity of oil refining in Asia will increase by 4.26%.

According to another research, approximately 36% of India’s major energy use is accomplished by oil. Apart from this, it was also seen that India along with China would be one of the biggest consumers of crude oil. Both countries will consume 35% of the world’s growing energy demand.

With this huge demand of this product in the economy, this industry has great potential for expert professionals.

Careers in this field can also give you the opportunity to visit the Middle-Eastern Nations. There is adequate stock of oil and natural gas in the said countries. Experts associated with this profession get a lot of salaries and they contribute to making the country’s economy a self-reliant.

It meets the average CTC:

Fresher: Rs. 3.5 million per year

Intermediate: Rs. 8.3 million per year

Experienced: Rs. 12 lakhs to 15.50 lakhs per year and additional perks

Career as Investment bankers

As an investment banker, you can actually dream of a brilliant future. The desire to earn a lot with a happy and prosperous life is in the heart of every person. ‘This Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, like Hrithik Roshan (who is playing an investment banker’s role), lives a great life, you can live a royal life like him too.

If you can see yourself working in a financial institute in the future, where you will do capital transactions for companies, government and other agencies, will arrange for a lot of money, large-scale mergers and acquisitions (M & A) and many other related work.

That’s why it is a very suitable profession for you. In essence, you will have the responsibility to increase the money manifold with managing money. Before starting your career in this field, put an eye on the salaries package you will get as an investment banker.

It meets the average earnings :

Fresher: Rs. 1.2 million per year

Intermediate: Rs. 30 million per year

Experienced: Rs. 50 million per year