Often the youth have been complained that they have made a lot of work for the job but they have not been able to achieve the results.

There are some fundamental things for not getting a job opportunity-

  • Receiving applications in thousands of lakhs for limited posts. In such cases, it is not possible for HR managers to see all the applications at times.

Therefore, if you have not called, then it can not be considered as the lack of your qualifications every time. .

  • The information sought for the job in the application form is not given. This includes cover letter and resume being half-incomplete or not in the right format.

Many times you are asked about salaries in online application. In this, if the demand is more than the salary set by the company, the application is not accepted. .

You create opportunities for yourself such-

Try to Contact Employer Directly

Try to contact the company’s HR manager. You can also contact the company’s HR department directly.

  • Some companies include ‘follow-up’ instructions in job posting. If you are unable to find the instructions, then contact the employer.
  • If the company and institution are large, and it is impossible for you to find your recruitment manager on the website, then at this stage you can also contact the social media professional sites such as LinkedIn.

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Keep in mind while making resumes

The resume documents the information about your personality and abilities. When making resumes, keep in mind that information about your qualification and experience has not been given half-incomplete. It is advisable to use at least words without making too big resumes.

  • Collect complete information about any company that has applied for a job. In this way you will be able to present your resume according to the company’s work and needs. Which will increase your job opportunities.

Some things for good and effective resume

  1. Keep it brief – usually two pages maximum.
  • Avoid unnecessary personal detail such as age, religion, and sex.

  • Don’t write in the first person – start sentences with verbs.

  • List your career history in reverse chronological order. Don’t forget to include a short note to explain any gaps.

  • Use bullet points for achievements and responsibilities – include more detail on recent roles and less on older ones, unless they are particularly relevant to the job you are applying for.

  • List educational institutions and qualifications in reverse chronological order.

  • Include computer skills, language skills, and any relevant training.

  • Keep your hobbies and interest section short.

  • References can be provided on request – you don’t need to include their contact details on your resume.

  • Check for typos. Even if you think your resume is error-free, it’s worth asking a friend to read it through.

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    Increase your chances by being an early applicant

    Once the CV is shortlisted and screening is done, the interviews are scheduled for the candidates in the same order. If someone has applied right after the job is posted and has been in the front line of recruiters’ observation, there is a high probability of early interview schedule and even higher chances of getting the dream job.

    No hiring manager wants to linger onto the interview process for long.

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    Never forget a cover letter

    While applying for a job, always keep in mind that there must be a detailed cover letter explaining the understanding of the job requirements and how the candidate can benefit the company.

    An attractive cover letter along with a well-drafted CV can land you directly to the interviewer’s chamber.

    Submit your application at the beginning of the week

    The industry trends have shown a pattern of the recruitment process, which once understood, can make it halfway through for the candidates.
    Most of the new job posts are launched at the beginning of the week and recruiters start short-listing the CVs by the weekend.

    Moreover, the day begins with fresh energy for all and the same applies to recruiters as well.

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    Maintain confidence and keep trying

    Do not give up if you do not get a job despite repeated efforts. Maintain confidence. Always be positive.

    Time and tides never come again. Understand the importance of time and act in accordance. Search for the dream job during weekends and prepare the groundwork.

    Shoot up the application at the beginning of the week and don’t miss the cover letter. This is the smartest way of being a star in the crowd and getting in the sight of the recruiters easily.

    Get the dream job successfully following these simple guidelines and proceed towards the top.