Whenever it comes to making a career in engineering then all the students choose from popular engineering courses and do their studies. Definitely there is a lot of demand in these popular engineering courses and if these courses are done from the major engineering institutes such as IITs, NITs, IIITs, CFTIs etc.

But in addition to these popular engineering courses like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering etc. there are many good engineering courses in which career scope is very good.

However, these courses are not as popular in engineering candidates / students as other engineering courses, but there is a lot of demand for such students in the engineering industry who want or specializes in engineering courses as mentioned here. And because very few students specialize in such engineering courses, they get good opportunities from the engineering industry.

Read here and know who these engineering courses are which students can get the most different and better career opportunities –

1. Ethical Hacking Course

Ethical Hackers hack the security system of any computer or network to detect the weak links of security, so that they know the dangers of system or network security and that is the malicious hacker Can be avoided.

Nowadays ethical hackers have demand in every industry such as the most important banking and insurance sector, defense sector, web security, forensic labs, etc.

Ethical hackers are granted permission for these activities and there are quite a good engineering institution that teaches higher education courses in this field such as –

IIIT Allahabad


IIIT Hyderabad


IIIT Delhi


IIT Guwahati


NIT Bhopal


JNTU Hyderabad


2. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

In this stream of engineering, students learn techniques such that water vessels, submarines, boats etc. are made the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly means for the Navy.

In addition, essential structures are developed and designed in the field of ocean energy. Ocean engineers ensure that every ship on the sea safely reaches its destination.

After completion of this course, students will be able to design and develop warships, submarines, hovercraft, hydrophil and merchant ships.

Some major institutes that offer courses in naval architecture and ocean engineering –

International Maritime Academy,

Chennai, Cochin University of Science & Technology


Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, Goa


3. Specialization in Agriculture and Food Engineering

This engineering branch teaches students how to use such engineering skills and technology, thereby helping them to increase agricultural production and reduce fraudulent levels.

In the countries like India, this branch of engineering is increasing, where 70% of the population is dependent on agriculture. The objective of this course is to make agriculture sustainable, profitable and competitive enterprise with the mechanization of farming, value addition and energy management in production and post-harvest work.

Some major institutes where this course is available –

Allahabad Agriculture Institute


Marathwada Krishi Vishwavidyaya


Mahatma Phule Krishi Vishwavidyalaya


College of Agricultural Engineering and Post-Harvest Technology (CAEPHT)


4. Specialization in Sound Engineering

It is an engineering branch that deals with the recording, editing and technical aspects of various voices for various processes (related to art exposure).

Sound engineers are responsible for maintaining and maintaining sound recording or broadcasting equipment. This is a high-tech job that requires excellent computer skills and proficiency in working with electronic equipment.

Sound engineering is not a popular course choice for engineering candidates, but because of the fast growing demand of digital entertainment industry such as Indian cinema, it is a very attractive career option for students.

IIT Kharagpur


NIFFA Kolkata




Asian Academy of Film and Television


Ramoji Academy of Film and Television, Hyderabad


5. Specialization in Energy Engineering

To meet the shortage of conventional energy sources, different alternate sources of energy need to be developed so that a new branch of energy engineering has developed in the last decade. The energy engineer’s work on projects designed to reduce energy usage or cost include energy generation, methods of preparation, manufacturing, evaluation or remodeling.

This domain of engineering is not yet popular, but its future is very bright because the demand for energy is increasing daily.

At the same time, students who want to conserve the environment can make energy engineering by creating such techniques that will prove useful in saving energy in our environment.

Institutes providing education in the Energy Engineering Course –

IIT Bombay


IIT Kharagpur