Use Top 5 Tips to Crack JEE Examination 2019 Very Easily

IIT JEE exam is the hardest engineering exam in India. After passing this examination students get admission in top engineering colleges in the country. The competition is increasing day by day.

Every student wants to get a good rank in the IIT JEE exam so that there is no problem in getting him enrolled in the college of his choice. In today’s article, we will tell you about some of the tips which will make the students good at the JEE (JEE Main and JEE Advanced) exams coming in and the students will be enrolled easily in the prestigious engineering colleges of the country.

If students adopt these tips while preparing for the examination and when taking the exams, they will not only be selected in IIT, but the students will also be able to increase their rank.

Let’s read in detail about those tips

1. Create a time table to get all subjects equal time

Students can not crack the JEE 2019 exam without planning Therefore, students should make a time table and strictly follow them. These last few months are very important for JEE candidates.

Students can also get help with the time table used by JEE Toppers to create their time table. Students should make their time table in such a way that all subjects get equal time. Students should make time table according to their convenience.

We all know that some students like to read and wake up in the morning, so it is good to read some till late at night.

2. Focus more on NCERT books

The NCERT books of class 11th and 12th are the most important for the JEE 2019 exam. Students can study very easily from these books because these books have given concepts as per the mental capacity of the students. These books also help the students in preparing for their examination. Along with this, they also help solve difficult problems with ease.

The possibility of getting any errors in these books is also not equal, because the help of top college professors is taken for writing content of these books.

3. Focus on every topic by making notes

If students want to bring good marks in JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams, then do not leave any topic. Students should make notes of them only when reading any chapter of each subject, because it is impossible to read books only a few days before the exam. In these notes, students should include important concepts, formulas and past years of questions. If students study with books before the examination, then their syllabus will not be complete. Students should repeat every topic from time to time.

By which they do not take any time to do any of the questions in the examination.

4. Solve last 5 years Papers and Practice Papers

Before attending the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams, all students want to know the pattern and difficulty of examinations. Students can solve the last 5 years papers for this. By doing this the students will know about important topics for the upcoming examination and also about the level of difficulty of the questions. Students should solve more practice papers to increase their speed and accuracy.

5. Follow the 3-C Rule (Calm, Composed and Confident)

During the preparation of examinations and examinations in the examination hall, 3-C rules should be followed by Calm, Composed and Confident. Students should be relieved and stress free while taking exams, or else they can water on the hard work of their whole year.

Composed means self-restraint, meaning students should not distract themselves from the surrounding activities while preparing for the examination and during questioning in the examination. Confidential (confidence) means that if students solve any of the questions in the exam, then students should have 100 percent trust when their answer is correct.


Students can bring good marks during JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams by applying the above tips while preparing for the examination and examinations at the examination hall.

If students adopt these tips while preparing for the examination and when taking the exams, they will not only be selected in IIT, but the students will also be able to increase their rank for their bright future.

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