If yes, Then you are on right place for your future track to convert your dream into reality.

You can find many places abroad for your desire and study according to your needs and you will also get many golden options for study in many different places.

Some institutes or universities prefer to take Indian students as foreign students and also give concession on the basis of certain criteria. Due to the tough competition, some meritorious students in India can not get admission in Higher Institute for Higher Studies.

There is no need to waste their time and energy in the absence of qualifying for low marks and cat exams in the IIT-JEE cutoff. If you do not qualify in these exams, it does not mean that your dream of reading at the top college is broken.

You have one more option to complete your dreams and that is to find a better Institute or Higher University for Higher Studies abroad. You may be laughing at this. It is not so easy to get admission in the United States Ivy League colleges or Australia’s best university. But yes, of course, efforts can be made for this and success will also be there in line with the effort. Universities around the world appreciate the activities and activism of Indian students and want Indian students to get admission in their campus.

So let’s try to explore some of the study options available abroad so that Indian students can convert their dream into reality.

Why need study abroad?

Every year, the number of Indian students applying for foreign universities for admission is increasing rapidly, whether it is graduate level education or post-graduation level. Usually it is called the name of brain drain, but if it is thought carefully, then it is possible to grow in the career of the students. Therefore, we should also consider the bright side of studying abroad.

Let’s look at some major benefits of studying abroad-

Advantages of Study Abroad

Admission is not very difficult

Admission process in India’s top higher education institutions is highly competitive, whether it is IIT for MBA or IIT for engineering. On the contrary, students with a better academic background and stable financial support are highly valued in foreign universities.

Admission to major foreign colleges or universities is difficult but there is no such fierce competition like India.

Availability of maximum popular options

The availability of maximum options behind the choice of studying abroad

That is the availability of different courses and career options. In addition to the popular options of the Main Stream (STEM Course – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), courses available in major higher education institutions in India are limited. This often forces students to move towards foreign university.

In some institutes or universities abroad, quality education programs also offer specialized or less popular courses.

Better Quality of education

In India’s top colleges and universities, international standards of academic norms are not fully followed. Well the quality of India’s higher education institutions is gradually improving and now they are also trying to meet the international standards of academic standards. There is still a lot of difference between practical and theoretical studies, and special emphasis is placed on theory, whereas on the other hand, foreign universities and colleges have adopted more interactive and participating methodology through case studies and experiential education.

This leads to proper development of the students and their interest in the study also increases.

Better research opportunities

When it comes to research opportunities, then the Indian Institute of Higher Education is far behind from its foreign counterparts in this case. For doctoral programs in India

Financial support and resources are still not adequate. Even though most students still do not get financial support despite the desire and talent, research (research) can not work. Compared to Indian University

Foreign universities receive a large amount of money for the development of research facilities and invest in it, which provides adequate financial support to the students and they can complete their research work.

Better job and career prospects

The degree obtained from a foreign college or university makes the resume of a candidate more effective. If the students who have a foreign university degree are generally more likely to get jobs and a good salary package than any other Indian university or institute, if they are directly spoken directly.

Facility of Migration Abroad

Due to the facility of migration abroad after studying from the foreign university, most of the Indian students seek alternative study abroad, so that they can get further convenience without having any problem. In particular, the graduation level students, who are foreigners Choose to study in universities, often in a country where you study, do the same job as well Received to very friendly immigration policies for students who study there to find employment upon completion of studies in many countries such as Hank Amerika and Canada.

Some of the countries that provide the most facility for foreign students

As more and more students of India want to move towards higher studies (Higher Studies). So nowadays, there are some changes in the list of the most preferred study sites abroad for Indian students.

Traditionally, countries such as the United States, Britain and Australia have been on top of the list for the past decade but other countries have also joined this list.

America(The United States or USA)

The United States or USA is generally at the top of the list of study abroad for international students and the first choice for Indian students is America. Ivy League colleges attracting international talent such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and MIT And due to the universities, America is definitely the most preferred study place overseas.

Main courses taught in the United States

Business and Management Studies


Maths and Computer Science

Social science

Physical and Life Sciences

Canada (the second most preferred study site for Indians abroad)

Canada is one of the countries to enter this list recently and has emerged as the second most preferred study site for Indians abroad. The quality of education here, the economical cost and the safe and multicultural environment are the key factors that are making important contributions to Canadian popularity as an overseas education center for Indian students.

Main courses taught in Canada

Business and Management Studies

Computer science

Medical / Life Sciences

Hospitality / Hotel Management

Liberal arts

Germany ( the United Kingdom or Britain)

Traditionally, the United Kingdom or Britain is famous as the most preferred study site in Europe, but Germany has recently replaced it.

Due to quality and affordable education, Germany is becoming the first choice in the list of most preferred foreign destinations for Indian students.

Fees for study in German universities are nominal and there is no tuition fee here. Also, the degree obtained from the University here are internationally recognized. This is the main reason that it is one of the best study places abroad for Indians.

Main courses taught in Germany


Business / Management Studies

Arts / Humanities

Math and Computer Science

Fine and Applied Arts

Australia (a preferred destination among international Indian students)

Australia is also a preferred destination among international Indian students for higher studies. This country is recognized globally for a strong higher education system. Here, along with the academic courses taught by the university, a degree of many professional courses is also provided. Australia is a favorite destination for Indian researchers as it provides the right guidance to the doctoring students as well as meeting their essential basic needs.

Main courses taught in Australia

Business / Management Studies


Maths and Computer Science

Medical / Health Studies

Social science

Singapore (Southeast Asia is concerned)

As far as Southeast Asia is concerned, Singapore has emerged as a preferred destination for Indian students abroad. This country is the hub of some high-ranking universities and higher education institutions and the Indian students will get quality education at affordable cost. Offers. Singapore’s emergence as a major business center for MNC and global business has made its position as a preferred foreign study site for Indian students.

Main courses taught in Singapore

Business / Management Studies

Banking and finance


Computer science

Law / Legal Studies

New Zealand ( preferred by Indian students)

Believing will not be there but New Zealand, a small island inhabited by Australia nowadays, is being preferred by Indian students for higher education. In the last five years, New Zealand has emerged as a preferred study site for Indian students. The placement of 8 universities of the country in the top 500 universities of the world by QS proves that this country provides quality education according to global norms. In addition to the regular universities, 20 institutes of technology and polytechnic institutes in New Zealand And there are also many Private Training Establishments (PTE), which provide technical and business to students Provide vocational training.

Main Course taught in New Zealand

Business / Management Studies


Social science

Physical and Life Sciences

Maths and Computer Science

The UK ( the United Kingdom)

Traditionally, the United Kingdom has been the preferred destination of foreign studies for Indian students in Europe, but due to the strict student visa laws and the rising cost of higher education, it is no longer a preferred destination for Indian students. Indian students want to study in famous universities like Oxford and Cambridge, but due to the legal claim of visa, now they are turning to another country. However, due to the same kind of education system of India and the UK, students are comfortable to study higher studies there. The availability of international study scholarship provides support to students who wish to pursue higher education in the UK.

Main courses taught in the UK

Business / Management Studies


Social science

Physical and Life Sciences

Fine and Applied Arts

How to choose the right course or college for students abroad?

When it comes to studies abroad, one of the most important questions before the students is that we know which college and which course will be most suitable for us? There is no simple and definitive answer to this question. The right course and college can be different for each student depending on their priorities. Well, students who plan to study overseas in general can look at the following for choosing the right college and course-

Language / Study medium:

Different countries follow various languages in the form of medium of education for higher education. For example, for students planning to join the German University, basic knowledge of German language is necessary. Also, for the countries where courses are conducted in English language, knowledge of the local language helps students to co-ordinate with faculty.

Courses Availability:

In most cases, students who opt for foreign studies decide first the country and then look for a college that offers them the courses in which they are interested. But this is a wrong strategy. Instead, students should first consider their course and focus on what college or country is best for that course. Different areas of each country have their own specialty. Therefore apply only to the colleges of the relevant country.

Cost of education:

The cost of education is not limited to the course fees or tuition fees that you give to the college. Includes total cost including living costs, study materials, student visa, boarding and housing etc. The course, the college and the country in which you decide for study, the cost of living in the country, all this should be within your budget

Application Process:

While deciding to study abroad, students should also keep a complete knowledge of the application process. The longer the application process, the longer you will be worried for the longer time. Therefore, select a country where the integrated application process is in place.

Some popular and important examinations to study abroad

ILETS ( International English Language Testing System )

The International English Language Testing System is perhaps the most popular test among the students who are planning to do their studies overseas. This is a foreign proficiency exam for Indian students. The IELTS test has been designed with the aim of evaluating the key language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing of students at the level of the language. Countries like US, UK, New Zealand and Canada are the leading education centers, universities for Indian students And accept IELTS scores for admission in educational institutions and higher education programs.

TOFEL ( English language test)

English language test as TOFEL or Foreign Language is an English proficiency test, which is organized to evaluate the candidate’s ability to speak English. More than 9,000 colleges, foreign universities and institutions accept the TOFEL score as valid proof of the English proficiency certificate. Approximately 130 are active participants of TOFEL, where the scores of this examination are accepted to give admission to international students. This exam is organized by an American non-profit organization Educational Services (ETS)

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

Graduate Record Examination, commonly known as GRE Test. This standardized entrance test is accepted by many popular and prestigious B-schools, universities and educational institutions around the world. The GRE test is administered and organized by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and it is helpful to have an academic profile and the efficiency of different students for the admission process in educational institutions.

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a globally accepted MBA entrance exam through which MBA candidates are selected for screening, shortlists and admissions. GMAT is a computer adaptive test organized by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC, Graduate Management Admission Council) that examines the skills of quantitative, analytical, writing and verbal tests as well as the MBA candidate’s reading skills.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

The Academic Assessment Test (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized examination for students planning to pursue higher education abroad. Initially, the SAT was developed as a general entrance test for students seeking admission in colleges / universities for higher education in the United States. Currently organized by the College Board, the SAT Exam is an indispensable requirement for admission in the Graduate Courses in foreign universities. In addition to the usual SAT tests, candidates can also test SAT in the subject or course to support their candidature for a particular subject course / program.

ACT ( American College Test)

The American College Test is a standardized test that assesses the indigenous preparations of students who apply for admission to American colleges. The objective of the ACT standardized test is to examine the knowledge of students seeking admission in high school.

CAE (Cambridge Advanced English)

Cambridge University is a test offered by ESOL (ESOL, English for speakers of other languages). Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) test is a standardized English proficiency test that assesses all language skills in addition to reading, writing, listening and speaking. The CAE test has been developed by Cambridge experts to evaluate the communication skills in the required English language for the sustenance of complex academic and professional duty in foreign countries.

LSAT ( The Law School Admission Test )

The Law School Admission Test is a very important standardized test for students planning to pursue law education in the United States, Canada and many other countries. This test is managed and administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). All law schools equally assess the knowledge and talent of the candidates. Good score in LSAT proves useful for Indian students in getting admission in any of the major prestigious law schools of the English-speaking education center.

Pearson Test of English ( The Pearson Test of English Academy or the PTE Academic Test )

The Pearson Test of English Academy or the PTE Academic Test is a language proficiency test for those interested in Higher Studies abroad. A computerized test conducted by Pte Pearson, which evaluates English language proficiency of non-native English speakers (or whose mother tongue is not English). The results of the PTE exam are widely accepted by universities, colleges and other academic institutions around the world in almost all major English-speaking countries. It includes many countries including United States, UK, Canada and Australia.