The area of infrastructure and real estate is expanding rapidly in the country. Large number of jobs have also been created for skilled people to create a well-planned city. Sanjeev Chand is telling about the major opportunities in this field.

Looking at high-rise residential buildings and state-of-the-art offices, it is easy to realize the progress of any country. All this is related to Tana-Bana Infrastructure and Real Estate.

The faster the Indian economy is moving forward, the infrastructure and real estate sectors are also increasingly catching up. This sector is also becoming the first choice of youth in terms of careers. Dr Abhishek Mudgal, assistant professor of the Civil Engineering Department of BHU, says that this area is one of the largest employment providers in the country. As a career, real estate is seen only as a property dealer or commissioned agent. But today the area is full of jobs. Many big industries such as steel, cement and electronics are connected with it.

After the implementation of the Real Estate Regulation Act, people have increased their trust in the real estate sector. There are both money and position according to hard work. Along with the job, there is also a better option for business.

Business and Research Statistics are expected

According to a report by the Center for Economic Business and Research (CEBR), by 2030, India will be the third most powerful economy in the world. It will also affect the real estate sector and the work will be expedited. At present, this area is growing at an annual rate of 11 percent.

It is believed that this development will continue till 2020. Today, nearly 50-odd real estate companies are registered in the Indian stock market and are giving jobs in a big way.

Demand of skill

Networking skills are very important to stay in this area. For this, professionals should think about strengthening contact lists by increasing their identity to people.

To purchase land, flat, villa, commercial building, mall etc., there should be a high level marketing skill. There should be regular information on the volatility in the market and property prices. Diligence, discipline, quick decision-making ability and positive attitude lead to work. Manners of people are seen as the special qualities of this profession.

Beyond the Bachelor Degree

12th pass students from science subjects can do B.Tech in Civil and Structural Engineering.

If you have done twelfth with art subjects then you can take admission in BBA. While graduate students can do an MBA in Sales, Marketing and Finance. Students with BBA can also choose the path of an MBA.

If students want MTech can make their profiles stronger. Real Estate Brokers can increase the chances of getting a job by course, diploma, PG diploma and advance diploma level course.

Chances to meet in many forms

The livelihood of lakhs of people from Infrastructure and Real Estate sector At present, there is a need of 40 lakh people in the industry, which will cross 9 million by 2022. The full emphasis of the government is on increasing urban development and resources. Work is being done to provide accommodation to all by 2022. The concept of Smart City is working fast.

Because of this, people are recruiting large scale people in real estate. In the government service sector, there are opportunities in the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, Irrigation Department, Credit Department of Banks, Finance etc. and there are also unlimited opportunities in real estate companies of private sector.

Apart from this, work can be done by joining government and private departments in environmental, housing and transport planning. Both the departments have enough opportunities in the construction and infrastructure units for the civil engineer or architect.

There are also opportunities for teaching in universities or colleges related to engineering or related topics.

Both post and money are in this area
Skilled person needs development in every step of the skillful development. While civil engineers, town planners etc. are needed in the construction of basic infrastructure, experts such as accountants and financial analysts see budget related work in such schemes. Given the increasing demand, there are both future and money in this area.

Major training institute

Indian Institute of Technology (branches in many places across the country)

School of Planning and Architecture

School of Management for Infrastructure and Development Strategy, Bangalore

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

Amity School of Urban Management, Noida

(Our expert: Assistant Professor Dr. Abhishek Mudgal, Civil Engineering Department, BHU; Gitanjali Kumar, Career Counselor)

Most Challenges of this area

There are challenges in step-by-step in this field. The professionals face direct competition with the consumer and departmental officers. Being able to satisfy both is not less than a challenge.

There is a risk in starting a real estate business. It needs to be financially strong. The market has to be manipulated to get raw material and labor.

Along with this, it is really difficult to have a better coordination with the civil engineers, builders, consultants, laborers and site managers or take them from them.

Most jobs are present in these forms

The full emphasis of government schemes is on increasing urban development and resources. With this, there are plenty of employment opportunities in government and private sector …

Property manager

These managers are part of a professional property management company and look after someone’s investment property. They have a working area to rent, lease and do business related to property.

Facilitates Manager

Facilitators are connected to the big real estate project. Their job is to get maximum benefit in the sale of large housing schemes, malls, offices etc.

Real estate broker

There are two types of real estate broker in the residential and commercial. The Residential Broker works to buy and sell a house property, while the commercial broker works to buy and sell hotels, offices, commercial banking.

Real Estate Analyst

The work of these professionals is to give people information and information about better location, land or other property for investment.

civil engineer

Whether building a building or road or dam, civil engineers are needed everywhere. Structural engineer, where material works on the strength of design and construction, the architect focuses on its beauty and grandeur. These professionals get jobs in government and private sector companies.


As a government architect, work can be done in Central and State Public Works Department Housing and Urban Development Corporation, City Development Authority, State Housing Board etc. As a Private Architect you can work in Teaching, Real Estate, Development Firm, Private Architectural Firm can do.

Town Planner

Town Planner includes all the facilities in their plans according to the vacant space, which requires people in their daily lives. Under this, students find jobs in the form of planning designers, planning draftsmen, town planner assistants. The knowledge of drawing comes in handy.

Sales executives

Sales and marketing professionals are required for each of the smallest real estate companies. Sales and marketing is part of business management.

Financial analyst

From time to time, there are opportunities in the form of Relationship Manager, Financial Planning Manager etc. in Infrastructure and Real Sector.

They can also get jobs in areas such as data analysis, market research, client development analysis etc.