Prejudices are absolutely baseless like the ease of the arts and the lesser chance of career scope. There are also many challenges in this subject and it provides students with good opportunities for further study or career.

For some professional examinations like UPSC, Civil Services, help students studying arts subjects to build their own strong foundation They get success by getting success in these examinations and achieving a higher degree in society and career.

Opportunities in Basic Fields

There is a lot of opportunities in the arts stream. Under this, each student has the freedom to choose the most appealing subjects. Appealing means that the student’s mind reads in the subject, and in that he thinks of doing something further. She corresponds to her thoughts, interests, etc.

Scope of further study in the arts stream

During the selection of any subject after the 10th standard, students need to consider several factors; The most important of them should be the scope of study of that subject.

Their main subjects are almost identical in science and commerce streams but when it comes to the arts stream, the matter is quite different. For the Arts Stream, the emphasis on options available for further studies makes it important for students to choose the right topics only during high school.

For example, if someone is hoping to make a career in cartography, it is important for them to choose geography as one of the elective subjects during high school. Students can earn degrees in the following subjects under the Arts stream.

popular Bachelor degree courses

Bachelor of Arts / BA is the most popular graduation level course, which is done only after high school studies. There are various topics under which the students can choose according to their careers and move on in that subject.

Generally, during the first year of the course, students have to choose from three main subjects and during the last year, There is a basic theme to choose.

Popular Bachelor Degree course available for Arts stream students include:

BA in History

BA in Geography

BA in Political Science

BA in Public Administration

BA in English Literature

BA in Economics

Popular Technical Courses

If you have selected Arts stream, it does not mean that you can not take admission in any technical course afterwards. Some technical courses are also available for art stream students at the graduate level, by which students will be able to select technical fields in the future.

You can also create your own career.

BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications

B.Arch – Bachelor of Architecture

Popular Law Courses

If legal screws are good for you and you want to become an advocate in the future, selecting Arts Topics in High School will be very beneficial for you. LL.B. can be done after graduation from the Arts subject. Generally, the qualification to join LLB courses is a bachelor’s degree.

However, nowadays students can also select 5-year integrated programs in the law.

BA + LLB – Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law

BBA + LLB – Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law

Popular Management Courses

If the career planning and development are to be talked about, the management topic has been very successful in this context. After completing 12th for the students of the Arts stream, many management courses are available. These include graduation degree level courses, integrated five-year courses and even short-term certification programs.

However, the most popular of them are:

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BMS (Bachelor of Business Studies)

Integrated BBA + MBA Program (5 years term)

BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

Retail Management (Diploma)

Popular Fashion Design / Design Courses

Designing Arts is a major career field for students, especially for students who specialize in visual arts. Many graduation level courses are available in the design stream for the students of the Arts stream. In addition to full-time three-year graduation courses in the design, students can also make certification and diploma courses by various institutions.

some of them are:

Bachelor of Textile Design

Bachelor of Design (Accessory)

Bachelor of Fashion Communication

Bachelor of Interior Designing

Bachelor of Product Design

Furniture & Interior Design Courses

Bachelor of Design (Leather)

Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology

Popular Performing Arts Courses

For those students who are interested in performing arts and want to pursue a career in it, many passing arts courses are available after passing them from Class 12 Arts.

These courses are specially designed to help acquire the necessary knowledge and develop the necessary skills.

The most popular courses in this field are Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts or BPA. Apart from these, specific short-term diplomas and certificate level courses for related Performing Arts are also done by various institutions ie diploma in script writing and diploma in dance etc.

Career Scope for Art Stream Students

Now, more important aspects should be talked about for career and job opportunities for art stream students. Thanks to the diverse nature of the arts, students of Arts background have career options and job opportunities.

Art stream is the most popular career choice for students in the field of teaching and they can easily go through this field by specializing in their subject.

Similarly, they can also explore other career options based on further study options. These include business managers, lawyers, musicians, dancers, actors, actors, businessmen, economists, statisticians, architects, fashion designers, writers, historians, and archaeologists.

In addition to the above career options, students of Arts stream can also opt for government jobs in various departments and ministries.

UPSC Civil Services Examination, which is the eligibility test for IAS, IPS, IFS and other high level bureaucrats, one of the umbrellas with Arts Group Favorite career option.

Alternatively they will be recruited in the banking sector to join the bureaucracy. Rikrsha, SSC / employee selection may include the commission exam or state PCS examinations.