English language is the second most spoken language (983 million speakers). English language has been included in the United Nations Organisation (UNO) Charter as the second official International language after Chinese.

Since the independence of India in 1947, the importance of English language is increasing in India, and in the coming days, the importance of English language on India as well as at the international level is likely to be sustained.

According to the latest data, English is an official language of approximately 70 countries along with our country.

Does the English offer us the Excellent Options of Career?

The significance of English in school, college and university education is axiomatic in everyday life.

Whether you have an Entrepreneurship Examination for higher education such as CAT, MAT, ZAT, TAT etc. or, for any internship or job, any competitive exam and job interview, you have to test the English language and the basis of your success in the interview. It is also a perfect professional English.

In simple words, if you are able to speak and write English then you get many opportunities for success in your studies, higher education, training, internships, jobs and any profession.

In this internet and digital world English has a lot of influence in the lives of all of us. A person who speaks, writes and understands good English is considered to be highly educated, decent, courteous and modern.

English is the main communication language of our country. Apart from their daily work, everyone gets great profits in Traveling, Business, Job and Career Growth, when English speaks and writes about being good.

These professional benefits are found on the English language as an Expert

Accelent Professional English means the best Negotiation and Communication Skills.

Expert Employees in English are more Skilled and Professional .

English provides us with more means of entertainment.

By learning professional English, we become more smart.

English provides us new opportunities for careers.

Accelent English Skills gives you ‘soft power’

English is an essential language for the internet and almost all information is available in the internet in English itself.

Excellent English Delivers You Attractive Salary Package

If you can not speak English, then finding a good job for yourself will also prove to be a challenge for you in the recent times.

Experts in English Language can do the following jobs

National / International Call Centers Jobs

Writing and translation jobs

Sales & Marketing Jobs

Jobs in various ambiance

Management jobs

Anchor / Anchor / Radio Jockey

Higher ranked jobs in various ministries of Central and State Governments, all government and non-government departments, offices, companies and multinational companies.

The Importance of Learning Different Professional English Courses

We all know well that the professionals wishing to start with the students and job / career when they do a professional course according to their qualification, talent, interest and skill set, their resume becomes very effective and their job / work In the field, the skill sets of those students or professionals are ignored, and the proof of which is that we will have a degree, diploma or certificate related to that professional course. Is found.

After doing a professional course, you are more likely to get a job in affiliate field or you can start your career / business in a much better way. If you work in your work / job field, you get a great salary package or you can earn a lot of money in your business / startup. Various professional English courses are also no exception to this fact.

Some Major Institutes and Professional English Courses

Spoken English and Public Speaking Courses for WebSockets – The mission of this course is to promote spoken English and public speaking courses. You can do this course online with regular training centers online. This course was started in the year 2008.

You can do these courses in the Spoken English and IELTS / PTE Training Program – British St. Columbian Academy.

The major courses available here include the following courses

Basic or foundation course

Advanced fluency course

Accent Training

Business English

Public speech

Interview Training

Pep Talk Talks – The following professional English courses can be done at the Pap Talk Institute

English and public speaking skills

Super Human Skills

Pep talk skills

Inlingua – Several professional English courses / programs are offered according to the different needs of students here.

Bephele – This is a short form of British Academy. It offers 4 different English language courses. Here, advanced English communication is taught with basic English grammar.

British Council’s Special Design Spoken English Courses – British Council offers many English courses for young learners and working professionals.

Various Professional English Courses in Englishmate – Professional English Courses are organized from Beginner Course to Advanced level.

Oxford School of English – Professional English Noveyas, Mezzo and Wizard Courses are organized here.

S Institute – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level Courses are conducted here in English Communication.

New American Institute – Here British, American English speaking courses are conducted and students are given excellent training in English Speaking and Writing through group discourses, practice sessions and accent training.

Some famous institutes doing various professional English courses in India

Delhi University, New Delhi

Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Banaras Hindu University, Banaras

English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad


Almost all the knowledge and knowledge of the world are easily found in English language.

Therefore, if we want to get a career opportunity for ourselves, according to our qualification and talent in today’s highly competitive job market, then according to our talent, skill set, work-field and interest, a suitable professional English course Must be done.