According to a study by the International Studies Association (ISA), Automation is defined as the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and distribution of products and services. The expansion of automation is in different areas of the economy, such as infrastructure, transport, utility, defense, services etc.

Due to the advent of driverless metros all over the world, due to automation, reports of layoffs in major IT companies such as Cognizant, Infosys and Tech Mahindra, due to lack of job losses due to information and communication technology, artificial intelligence and robotics, banking, pharmaceuticals, food and materials in the content Problems related to employment in the area of beverages, logistics and safety Area may occur.

But in the growing competitive environment in today’s condition, almost all companies have to be forced to use automation to keep you ahead of other companies in the market.

The need for automation to work at a faster pace can not be ignored. Some people say that due to automation the number of jobs in many sectors will be reduced and some jobs will disappear completely from the market. But some experts in this context believe that it is true that some jobs are likely to be reduced due to automation but many new opportunities of many new jobs will also be created in comparison to job due to automation.

According to a report, about 3.5 million new jobs will be generated in the field of automation. Therefore, the youth need to keep themselves ready for these occasions. Most of the courses in automation related, machine learning and artificial intelligence are present on the online platform which can be easily done. To make a career in the field of automation, youth should try to do any of the following courses according to their interests and capacities.

Koresera’s co-founder is Andrew NG. Andrew is a professor at Stanford University. Through this, a 11-week course is started in machine learning. This course provides complete knowledge of Applied Machine Learning, Technique of Machine Learning and Pattern. Under this, a wide range of study studies of machine learning are also conducted. Students in this course are also studied probability, linear ljibra and computer science.

Some major courses related to machine learning are –

Udacity intro to machine learning

A 10-week course is made in machine learning under Nanodgrini on the online learning platform Udacity. This course is fully appreciated about managing data sets using Machine Learning Techniques. Trainers of this course provide sebastian thrones and Katie Mallon students with detailed information about basic statistical concepts and Python programming.

By doing this course, you get complete and accurate information about data management. There is a possibility of increasing demand for professionals who manage data in the future.

Adx machine learning

Professor Yasser S Abu Mustafa, a professor of the California Institute of Technology at AdX, offers a course on machine learning. It includes a study about basic theories, algorithms and all machine learning techniques. This course requires a total of 10 to 20 hours in a week. The full tenure of this course is a total of 10 weeks. In addition, a short term course of 5 weeks is also provided for freshers in AdX Machine Learning.

Google Deep Learning

Google Deep Learning offers a free course on online learning platform Udasi Machine Learning. But this course is not very suitable for freshers. This course is very beneficial for people who have little knowledge about machine learning.

Statistical machine learning

Professor Larry Wasserman of Carnegie Mellon University has prepared a series of video lectures on YouTube on machine learning topics. It provides important information for students who have made PhD about intermediate statistic and machine learning. But for this, the candidate must have a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.

Along with machine learning, along with information related to artificial intelligence, information is very helpful in making career in field of automation. Courses related to artificial intelligence by Stanford University are also done. Under this, detailed information is provided through artificial intelligence to solve complex problems such as machine translation, speech and facial recognition and autonomous driving.

Some of the major courses related to this are:

AdX’s Artificial Intelligence Course

AdEx’s Artificial Intelligence Course is a very popular course. Through this, courses are conducted to study artificial intelligence applications such as robotics and NLP etc. The full course of this full course is about 3 months. This course is being taught by the University of Columbia.

Udacity Intro to Artificial Intelligence

This course of Udacity is taught about the fundamental principles of Artificial Intelligence. Along with this, Beyers Network, Statisticix and Machine Learning are also studied.

Udacity: Artificial Intelligence for Robotaxis

This course offered by Udasi is explained in particular about the programming of robotic cars. Under this course, complete information about Python and programming is provided.

The most important and noteworthy and noteworthy thing is that whenever any attempt is made to link the new technology to the main stream of the economy, the apprehensions of lack of employment start appearing.

The effect of the current tenancy of automation will be directly straight to the White Collar Job, but if the other aspect is seen then it will also provide some new employment opportunities. Yes, the youth need to be mentally prepared to prepare for the skill that they need.