Everyone’s dream of becoming a millionaire business, but for this if you adopt these five tips, you will never fail in life.

If your idea is breathless then no one can stop your success. It is to say that Ashwani Sharma, who was a businessman, Ashwani Sharma’s journey is related to the struggle.

Ashwani is a resident of Jaulaji, a small village near Solan. His studies were also written in the Government School of this village of Solan. After getting education till the 12th, he graduated from the Government College of Solan.

Ashwani points out that he liked science, but spending more on taking a science stream was more. For this reason, he took admission in Art faculty.

Ashwani Sharma told that in 2002, His father late Inderdutt Sharma died. There were three brothers in the house and the three were unemployed. What was the question? In such a way, he will study and work and also the job. He started marketing job right here and continued to study in college.

Many times, participating in National level activities in Dramatic. Slowly the work started getting better and they got an offer in a good company in 2006. In 2009, joined in an IT company as a manager for business development, and then gradually they got a chance to go to many countries from here. Thailand, Malaysia and Dubai. This is where he met a friend Rajat.

He told that when he was on a trip to Dubai, a message came from the house and after that his phone stopped. He was quite upset and when discussing this thing with Silver. Then they saw some pink cabs in Dubai which women used to do. From that point of view, Idea was born and started from there, from his business.

Ashwani said that Idea was there, but she was encouraged by Sharad Kamra, owner of Bas Webcams Systems Pvt Ltd, whose last company supported it. He said that he wants to make this company a world class companess Tips

Success Tips

Always work with passion and hard work Any of your ideas should be unique. Failure always leads to success. The more important the idea is, the idea is as important as the fund.