In small cities and towns ,Students and graduates face many unknown drawbacks due to lack of right guideline after completing their graduation. Students and graduates living in small cities and rural areas have to work hard for their lives.They don’t know what is the right process for their bright career.

Students (after 12th) and Graduates have no understanding to invest time and money for a career counselor.

In a locality , Where majority of its students and graduates living in a poor and small cities and towns inspire for only government jobs.

So what they should go to a career counselor? There are many other important questions for their career and future.Here, I will try to convince them So that they must go to a career counselor and could help them in future planning

Make a Decision Regarding Your Career

Really, Your career is very important and precious for you and your family. Career begins when you start thinking seriously about it yourself. You must not take chance while you are making a decision about your precious career.

Hence, You have to make a decision regarding your career so that you and your family can live a more comfortable and prosperous life. Just following the trend or what others are doing is not an option to make a bright career and future.
You need to know what suits you best according to your potential. So the best way to do is by going to a career counselor.
He or she may guide you the way you should be.

Therefore, visit a counselor for making a right decision.

Exploring More about Your Career

In the age of economic, there are hundreds of career options in front you. You can choose any career that pays you well and you can make a happy life there.

So what career would make you happy and pay more? Well! You could easily find out the answer from a career counselor. They could guide you about exploring your future rather you bogged down in one field, like for a Government job.

Your career counselor could recommend you options that you may not know earlier. Hence go to a counselor for exploring more about your career.

Get A Right Guidance for Your Bright Career

Do you know that which career option would be best for you. If you want to be successful in your life then you need to target one particular area in which you think you can give your best. You cannot be jack of all trades and master of none.
How would you know that which career option would suits you the most?

Well! Again the answer is a career counselor. After interviewing you, the counselor might be able to tell you, for which career you should go and get more comfortable.
Instead of groping in darkness, you should get right guidance for your career.

Aware of the Current or the Prevailing Trend of Your Career

An industry in which you are predicting your career, is rapidly changing and you can not trust news media or other sources for guidance. They do not have insights about a particular industry.

What you hear in your friends or news media is just noise. You need to understand the things that bite the noise and work behind the scenes.
If you want to know the trend or scope of a particular industry’s future after a few years then you need to consult a career counselor.

A counselor is fully aware of the current or prevailing trend and can guide you and best advice for your career.

So get the inside and latest information about your career from the counselor.

Best Courses are Available in the Best Colleges

In our country, there are millions of colleges for students of science, commerce or art. You do not have any information about each of these colleges. If you do not know about any college or his faculty, how are you going to choose one of them?

So,There is a great possibility that you can choose the wrong college and spoil your career.
So it is better to go to a career counselor to avoid such a situation. A counselor will suggest you what best courses are available in the best colleges across the country. He can also guide you whether the course you are choosing is right for you or not for you.

Instead of listening to your friends or other sources, it is wise to hear a career counselor.

If you want to know the trend or scope of a particular industry’s future after a few years then you need to consult a career counselor.

Recognize Your Positives and Negatives from the Counselor

Any type of Counseling is all about opening-up yourself. you tell everything about yourself to a counselor and then he gives the solution to your problem.
If you visit your career counselor on regular basis and you start developing a rapport then the counselor may recognize your positives and negatives.

After knowing your strengths and weaknesses a counselor can better advise you, which career you should choose. After so many meetings the counselor will be in a position to assist you the best career to choose.

Otherwise, you may not be able to decide a career that could be rewarding to you in future.

Boost Your confidenceThan Your Friends

Boost your confidence with your friends. I do not mean in a negative sense. But if you have more knowledge about your career than others then you could easily beat the competition.

If you want to stay ahead from your colleagues then your career counselor can help you a lot. Instead of listening to what all those are saying, you will take advice right from the experts.

So to beat the competition, consult a career counselor regularly.

Prepare Yourself According to the Market

In India, An experienced graduate who goes in the market for a job has no idea about the real world. So prepare yourself to the market. A counselor could very well give you an idea what you might have to face once you step out of the college.

You can start preparing yourself according to the market or outside world, so that it will be easier for you to find the best job.

So a good career counselor could make your life a lot easier than.

Culture of Career Counseling in India

The culture of Career counseling in India is very less. However, it does not mean that you should also not go to a counselor.

Now, it is catching up slowly. Career counseling trend in Indians is making place in the hearts.You are advised to make best use of career counseling.


Lastly, I hope after reading this article you will be convinced about the importance of career counseling in our country. It is true that you might have to pay small fees but the return that you get is incomparable.

Hence, do not compromise on your career and visit a career counselor for the best and inside knowledge about choosing a right career at right time.