If you are also fond of roaming If you want to see the beautiful places of country and abroad, then you can walk around in this sector and create a wonderful career.

To spend the holidays, people are more interested in traveling around the country besides abroad. This is the reason that many job opportunities are coming out in the continuous growing sector. If you are also fond of roaming If you want to see the beautiful places of country and abroad, you can make a wonderful career as well as traveling around this sector …

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality Sector are continuously moving forward in India. After the ‘Incredible India’ campaign, domestic tourism has seen an increase of 20-25 per cent in the last two years. Similar growth is expected in the year 2018-19. In addition to traveling abroad, these days, a large number of people like to spend their holidays even within the country. By taking a little time from day to day routine, spending some time at those places, which is mostly among natural beauty, has become commonplace.

New Opportunities Are Being Created

In this, increasing the number of tourists, there is also an increase in the employment of the sectors related to it. New opportunities are being created for the people at the local level. According to the Indian Tourism Industry figures, last year nearly 10 million foreign tourists came to India, most of which were from 15 percent from the United States, followed by Britain, Bangladesh, Germany, Australia, France, Malaysia and Canada. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council’s annual Economic Impact Report (WTTC), Tourism created nearly 70 million new jobs worldwide in 2017 or say that this region gave one of the five new jobs. Obviously, there will be a continuous requirement of further and skilled and non-skilled manpower in this sector.

A lot of choices

In the fast growing service sector, tourism can not be denied with the role of hospitality industry. Especially in the field of innovative changes in the tourism sector, the hotel and the airline industry have also strengthened. This has given the hospitality industry an opportunity to grow at a rate of around 10-15 per cent. Obviously, tourism can be started in this region along with any favorite industry like Aviation, Hotel, Hospitality as well as tourism. Apart from this, there is a golden opportunity to work abroad besides the country.

Job Opportunities

According to a report by the Union Tourism Ministry, more than 50 lakh people in the country are directly involved in the travel and tourism industry. In Travel Industry, you can work as In and Outbound Manager, Reservation Agent, Tour Operator, Tour Guide, Transport Officer, Holiday Consultant.

Tourism Department

In addition to the central government, all State Governments have their own tourism boards, government-run hotels, Government Tourist Information Office, where you can do courses like Reservation and Counter Staff, Sales and Marketing Staff, Tour Planner, Tour Guide Government jobs can be held on the posts. Passing the UPSC or SSC exams, they can also get the job of the officer-grade in these departments.

Airline Company

In all the aviation companies, the recruitment of posts like Ground Staff, In Flight Associate, Traffic Assistant, Airline Ticketing and Client Servicing Staff are given priority for tourism and youth of the Hotel Management background nowadays.

Travel Agency

With the growing fashion trend, the offices of travel agencies are opening fast in small and big cities everywhere, from booking tickets for tourists and arranging all the time till their stay, food and rooftops. Often this work is done online only. To avoid Bhagdaur, the services of these agencies have started to be more comfortable. It requires a lot of professionals. In this area, there are opportunities in big companies such as Thomas Cook, Cox and King, Make My Trip.

Hotel / Resort

The hotel is also a part of the tourism industry. If people go to take a stroll around, then they take services of hotels / resorts / guest houses to stay there. Here you can find a job as a front office service staff, as a guide and interpreter. Bank: All banks have their own Foreign Exchange Department, where foreign currencies can be exchanged with the country currency. In such places, the people of the tourism background get more priority in the job.

Tour operator

Such professionals prepare tour plans for their customers, then according to that, people are taken to various tourist destinations. In the tour these professionals make all the arrangements from client travel to stay. Courses and qualifications: There are various types of courses related to Travel and Tourism related to Diploma, Bachelor Degree and PG Degree in different institutions of the country. The minimum qualification for the certificate and Bachelor course is 12th, whereas for the diploma or PG course graduation should be. The best part is that these courses of tourism can make students of any stream.

Major institutes

• Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

• https://www.jmi.ac.in/

• Delhi University, Delhi

• http://www.du.ac.in/index.html

• Indira Gandhi Open University, Delhi

• http://www.ignou.ac.in/

• Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, New Delhi

• http://www.iittm.ac.in/

Center and State Governments Emphasize on Tourism

Future is very good in this field. Today there are no comparisons between tourism and hospitality. Just a few days back, the survey found that out of all the subjects, Hospitality has the highest 77 percent campus placement. Obviously, its demand is increasing. Secondly, there are small level jobs, which are giving people the comfort, they are more in this sector. You do not need to take expensive degrees or need long-term courses. The more tourist travels, the faster the domestic tourism will travel, the money will come in the local market. This will also create jobs at the local level. People will get jobs Small enterprises will grow in the villages.

Good Career field

Due to this strength of the industry, the central and state governments are giving special attention to tourism today. In such cases, those who are skilled in colloquial, are of practical nature, for them it can be a very good career field. Salary has been found to be very good for professionals in this field nowadays. Future of this sector is looking good for everyone.