On the basis of official figures, it is being said that the economy of the country has already been strengthened. Its direct effect has been on many industries here and they are running gallop. The expansion of one of these banking services is also at peak.
For those interested in investment or banking, opportunities for plurality are available in the form of investment bankers. If you want to shine your career by becoming an investment banker then this time is favorable for you.

What Work Of Investment Banker Do?

Investment bankers have an important role in any government or private company. They have to work on maintenance, modification, testing, development, company capital, funds, loans, stock etc.
On records related to the financial transactions of the Institute. They have to cooperate with the company’s clients to get a loan and invest in the process of investing. Investment bankers also formulate financial strategies with their banking team and work in coordination with other related teams. They also conduct meetings with the client for financial matters or for loan-fund etc.

When can you do?

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Finance is considered as the starting qualification of this profession. Most companies choose jobs after the master’s degree.

As far as this profession is high degree, MBA, Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy, Company Cemetery, CFA etc. are preferred.

With this, Master in International Business (MIB) and many types of PG diploma courses fit according to this profession. There are also many courses in portfolio management that are available to students.

A look at the industry

Increasingly, the employment of investment bankers is increasing rapidly in the economy. Before investing in people, the trend of taking an opinion of an expert has increased.

According to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of the investment bankers has increased by 10 percent. This increase will continue till 2024.
According to a report by National Skills Development Corporation, the banking sector is growing at a rate of 25 percent and by the year 2021-22, seven lakh new jobs will be created.

Skills, which will work

There should also be many additional qualities inside the Professionals. This work is related to statistics and calculations. In this way, the good knowledge of mathematics and the skill of calculating work comes in step-by-step.

Apart from this, the candidates can work better under pressure, communication skills are effective, excellent in financial skills and skill development in recognizing new opportunities. Professionals also have to work hard. With all this, there is a great need to understand this area well.

challenging work of investment bankers

There are challenges in step-by-step in the work of investment bankers. They have to do valuation analysis using different methods and methods. Developing a financial model for any professionals, preparing a presentation for a client meeting, understanding the structure of the capital is not easy.
The danger of breaking any deal or failing in it always stays on their head.

Infinite Possibilities of Respective Employment

Commercial banks have made their identities as the largest employment provider of investment banking. Investment bankers are recruited in large scale in trading firms, capital markets, lending companies etc.

In this, Professionals also speeds up their work as portfolio managers and financialists. All the firms need such people, who can analyze their financial planning, expenditure, projection planning and asset planning. They are also prominently placed in healthcare, technology and energy industry.

Multinational companies are searching for investment banks nowadays. If professionals do not want to engage with any company or firm, they can serve themselves as consultants independently. The move to go abroad has also increased fast in some years.

Attractive Earnings Package

In the first round, professionals get 35-40 thousand rupees every month. After three to four years of experience, this amount goes up to 50-60 thousand rupees per month. It can be more in multinational companies.

Many professionals are earning up to one lakh rupees every month due to their talent.

Where To Get Major Courses?

  • MBA in Investment Banking

  • BA in Finance and Investment Banking

  • PG Diploma in Banking and Finance

  • PG Diploma in Global Investment

  • Diploma in Investment Banking and Equity Research.

  • UG Program in Portfolio Management and Investment Banking