The field of industrial engineering is very similar to the field of mechanical engineering or civil engineeringin many ways. That’s because the scope of this branch of engineering is quite large. Students can also enter this area by doing diploma in ITI related trade besides BTech. Industrial engineering students employ the industrial establishment in many positions at many places. For example, Industrial Safety IN charge, Industrial Systems Engineer, Industrial Production Manager, Industrial Engineering Technician etc. They get opportunities in departments like Logistics, Supply Chain and Manufacturing of any industry.

All the goods or services we see around us, whether it is car, mobile and clocks, all of these trade professionals contribute. This does not mean that there are only jobs related to manufacturing. Professionals can handle responsibilities such as consultants and analysts by increasing their skills. The special thing of this trade is that skilled youths get opportunities to get jobs in business or non-technical areas. Professionals do not have to do heavy programming in comparison to other engineering trades. Regardless, there are many software technology companies like ‘Airwatch’, ‘Om Partners’, who give opportunities to industrial engineers.

Industrial Engineering Or Technicians

The work of industrial engineers or technicians is to keep the process of complex processes, systems and institutions best maintained according to available resources. Their main purpose is to stop any kind of waste. Regardless of whether it is a stuff or a time, a machine or a power. Overall, the industrial engineer has to give appropriate product or service by taking the staff, machine, material, information and energy in the right direction. Therefore there are many opportunities for them in manufacturing, technology, hardware, retail and health services. Professionals have more options to go to their area of interest.

There are many types of courses available

If business and technology are involved in your interest, then after doing 12th science (PCM) topic, you can get admission in four-year BTech courses of Industrial Engineering. In this field, entry into BE and BTech in Industrial and Production Engineering Courses will be entered as a special branch. The way of admission is like entering any other BTech course.

  • If there is no BTech, then after 10th or 12th, ITI and other Polytechnic institutions can get admission in courses of one to three year duration of certificate or diplomalevel. After graduation there are also options to enter courses like PGD in Industrial Engineering, PGD in Industrial Safety and PGD in Industrial Safety Engineering.
  • Courses such as three year diploma in production and industrial engineering can take admission after 10th. After completing the ITI level course, the student has to appear in the All India Trade Test, after which he is given National Trade Certificate.

  • Courses such as M.Tech in Industrial and Production Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety, M.Tech in Production Technology are also provided.

Syllabus Of Engineering Courses

In the early days, subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry are taught like other engineering courses. In subsequent years, information about product design and development, work systems, logistics, production planning and inventory control, quality control, operation research etc. is given.

The Best Business with engineering

Having a name in the field of industrial engineering, a good understanding of business is very useful. Indeed, the purpose of the industry is to do its business. In such a situation, if the industrial engineer who controls the entire process of production from raw material to production has to get better results then the basic form of business should also be known. This is the reason that most of the educational institutes are doing business studies today with the course of industrial engineering. This is being done especially due to the need of field of supply chain management and analytics. It is easy to get an MBA to get the expertise.

Choose Your Favorite Career

Industrial engineering experts need not be one, but in countless tasks. Maybe you have a computer with a 10 to 6 computer or you have to work on reaching the ground level. Whether you are designing a device or you are given a job of research on a product.

Everything will depend on what kind of industrial engineering job you prefer. If you work in the oil and gas industry you will have to work with machines, tools and the entire industrial system.

Challenges Of This Area

Since cost is the most important for every industry, therefore, professionals of industrial engineering have to think about the arrangements before their every decision during the job.

  • There are plenty of job opportunities for skilled professionals in this trade, but salaries are usually slightly lower than the other trade.
  • Working for a long time in the same company brings unity in work. For this reason, there is a trend of changing jobs in the profession in this field.

  • Some Major Institutions In India

    – Maulana Azad College of Engineering and Technology, Patna.

    Bhabha Institute of Technology, Gaya.

    – School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University, Greater Noida.

    – Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun.

    – Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun.

    – Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad

    – Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Patna.

    – Industrial Training Institute (ITI has many branches across the country).