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Indian youths striving for the best jobs, are surely looking for Civil Services Exam. Civil Services Exam is most attractive exam in India. If you want to become an IAS officer or IPS officer then you have to qualify civil Exams. Number of student appear in Civil Exam every year and their number is growing fast.
Easily to say that Civil services are the best jobs of the Indian Govt. The best and brightest of all candidates could qualify for this government job.
Though, if you are a candidate going to prepare for Civil Exams then you must keep some points in your mind. Whichever I captured in my search.

Accomplishing significance of Civil Services

Surely, you will have to feel the importance of Civil Services. Because Civil services are not like any other Govt Jobs.
Though, persons with wish want to go for civil services because they have keen desire to serve the people and country at large.

For that reason, you must have passion for service instead of making money.

Commit to Make a Career in Civil Services

If you are activated by the feeling of service to the people and the society then you have to make your mind to choose civil services as a career for your bright future .

Since today, there is no looking back. You have to heartily prepare that you will be the best civil service officer.

Proper Guidance & Motivation for Exam Preparations

First thing you need is motivation and proper guidance. Though, find yourself around people who are encouraging and supportive nature. Right guidance for preparing of civil exams.

Right guidance could make things very easy for you.

Time Frame for Exam Preparation

Time is very important factor in any exam preparation. You have to start preparing for civil exams, long before. Years in advance candidates start preparing for civil exams. If you are serious then you should begin right after your graduation.

The early you start, the better it is for future.

Determine In first time You Will Clear the Exam

Civil exams are not like any other government exam. It is difficult and you have to clear in many phases. From written exam to interview, it takes a lot of effort and it is quite normal that candidates do not clear in first attempt. It takes two to three attempts.

But you will have to prepare yourself as you will clear in your first attempt

No time to other Career Opportunities

Preparation for Civil Services is so much time consuming that candidates are not able to give time in other activities.
The most important thing to keep in mind while preparing for Civil exams is, you should not careless disregard for consequences to other career opportunities.

If you fail in Civil exams then other options remains open as natural.

Right Time Management for Preparation & Writing Exams

Civil exams are very time consuming though, to make best use of your time, you should know how to manage your time to better preparation. With better time management you can learn more stuff in short period of time.

Although, in MAINS you have to answers all the questions in given time.

Decide the right Medium for Exams

You will have to decide the medium in which you will be appearing for Civil exams. Your medium could be Hindi or English. It could be other Indian languages too but English medium is the best choice and The best way to success in this exam as other applicants advice. Although medium does not matter to succeed only in Civil exams. What matters is depth of your knowledge and how you express it in your exams.

Decide Final Choice for Optional Subject

You have to make a decision on your optional subject. Your optional subject must be something that you know best as your main subject. Do not choose a subject on which you do not have any knowledge.

Do not ignore optional subject, it is very important. As main your subject

Right and important Material for General Studies

You must have right course material for exam preparation. I said it earlier and I am repeating again, Civil exams are not like other govt exams. Study the best course material for general studies.

Like competitive magazines, newspaper and other publications which are up to date as possible previous exams.

Devote More Time for Subjects Having More Weightage

Although, you should focus equally on all subjects but for a better time management, you should focus more on subjects with more weightage.
Perform like this could score maximum out of Civil exams. Try to give equal time to all subjects daily.

Deep Preparation for Essay Paper

Essay general questions are subjective and it tests your comprehension rather aptitude. You have to devote time in writing essays and short stories daily. Read books apart from civil and write more and more.

Knowledge of current affairs and writing practice is very important for essay clearing paper.

Be Up to Date with Current Affairs & Social Issues through news and media

Catch up with current affairs and social issues going prevailing in the country and around the world. Knowledge of current affairs is very important to clear the interview. Though, it tells about your in other topics also.

So keep updating yourself.

Follow Toppers of IAS, IPS or IFS

For more encouragement you can read the interview of Civil toppers. It will help you to get an idea how difficult Civil exams are. Toppers would share their experiences and you could learn from their mistakes and clear exams easily.

Take their advice or suggestion seriously.

MAINS Exam, Try to Write First What You Know

When appearing for Civil MAINS, first answer those questions that you know. Never try to solve those questions first, that you do not know. This is the golden rule for any exam that you answer first what you know. I hope you might know this.

Get good Writing Speed without Comprising Hand-Writing

Like other govt exams, civil exams are not easy it’s very time consuming . It is normal that many candidates cannot answer all the questions. Though, in order to answer all the questions, you have to write or answer very fast.

But at the same time, you do not have to comprise on your good hand-writing.

Start making Your Personality for Facing Interview

Many candidates clear MAINS but failed in interviews. An interview is all about personality and personality is something that you cannot build in one day. It takes years slowly but surely you will get one day .

However, it is advised that you must start making your personality from earlier on. Then you can clear the civil service interview.

Daily Group Discussion with Your Friends

Passing an interview for civil services exam has always being a challenge. However, you can overcome it with right kind of preparation. So the best way to prepare for an interview is interacting with your friends in a group discussion. Debating is another way to hone your skills.

You have to prepare your mind before you appear for the final interview.

Await Different Boards in the Interview

Every time civil services interviews are conducted by different board members. It means, interviews are from various backgrounds. So, it is advised to expect some serious questions from the side of interviewees.

You must have in-depth knowledge about the subject you are talking.

Be Ready for Changes in Exam Pattern Anytime

Every exam preparation is done according to its pattern. You prepare for CS exams keeping the pattern of exam in your mind. But sometimes it happens that the exam pattern is somehow changed.

Hence, you have to prepare yourself to clear exams even with changed format.

Learn From others Mistake & Move Forward to avoid

I guess, you will surely qualify civil services exam with the given ideas. Last but not the least tip is, if you fail then do not lose your heart. Learn from your mistakes and start preparing for the upcoming exam, once again.

I strongly recommend you to take note of above mentioned job tips. For more govt jobs and other related information keep following our blog.