IN fact, even I got an opportunity to work for a government job, however I rightfully decided not to go for it.I do not like government jobs, not because I have contempt for them but I do have some bitter experiences. So here are those reasons why government jobs could not be for you.

Though the young generation which is in schools and colleges right now, are interested in govt jobs specially, although still there are a lot of people in our society who thinks that govt job could be the best choice for their life. Now I strongly beg to differ with those people who think I would like to tell you some genuine grievances with govt jobs.My brother worked for a government job for all his life and I have seen life of a government employee very closely.

Every Day is Boring & ho-hum

First downside of a government jobis that they are very boring and monotonous. Not all government job but most of them.You do not enjoy working there as people do in private sector jobs.

In government jobs, you’re free to sit idly without anybody noticing you, but that is not something I would like to do.
Why sitting idly like this? I am the person who loves to learn something new each day and enjoy every moment at my workplace.

Off course you can enjoy every moment if you work in a company that respects your talent and like to do of my choice. I want to tell you one thing, you will definitely miss a smile on your face if you work for a government job.

Frustrating Work place Environment

In a government officials, you have to adjust with very discouraging or frustrating work environment. Jealousy and leg-pulling among employees is a day to day affair.I am not trying to be sarcastic but work environment is ok,only for a person who is lazy and sluggish. But if you are a person, who is bit adventurous and loves doing new things in life then you would obviously not like the work culture there and of their choice.For me an environment in a govt job is very hostile to people who want to rise up in their life and want to do a side work.

Only Reference, No Merit

The most negative aspect of a government jobis promotions are not based on merit. They depend more on reference of someone influential.We call it bribery and curption. A worthy employee will never get promotion on the basis of merit and an inferior worker will supersede him because he has reference of someone influential.

In a government job, the talent or integrity of a person is never appreciated. Any other guy can prosper by hook or crook ability.This phenomenon is normal in government jobs but in private jobs everything is based upon merits. Hence govt jobs are not for a hardworking and honest person.

Monthly Salary is like Peanuts

What you get in a government job compared to any private sector job is just peanuts. Monthly salary and other perks are very less in comparison to private jobs.

Really, a government employee cannot afford buying a home in his entire life time. But you will see young men working in private companies having a house and a car. The difference is shocking always.The major reason why you get less salary is because in government jobs there is no appreciation of honest and hardworking men.Even if you work honestly or just sit idly, you will get the same salary every month.

Such, why people should work in government sector? It is wiser, not to work there.

Transfers in Inhospitable Areas

When I was a little child, we have to move from one place to other in short period of time. It was very shocking because you have to leave your friends, forever without own .

In government jobs you have to be ready to go anywhere everyday in your country or reigns. Some transfers are even in inhospitable areas where you cannot take your family properly.You have to leave your family and live alone for many years. Can you imagine a life without your family?But,You have to live, if you are in a govt job, especially in armed services.

Government Gives a Damn about their Employees

Dislikes private jobs where companies take care of their employees, in government sector senior officials give a damn about their employees.

Accountability in government jobs is very low. No one bothers because it is a state run enterprise and there is no concept of profit or loss for their employees.Like a private company is accountable to consumers or share holders, there is no such thing in government sector.It is because lack of accountability they give a damn about employees.

Inferior and deficient Lifestyle

Low salary and transfers to inhospitable areas would make everyone to live a substandard lifestyle. With little salary you can hardly make your both ends meet for good future.As well, you cannot even fulfill demands of your children with low government salary. You would be forced to hoard money and spend nothing on your lifestyle like others.

Dammed Future for Remaining Career

Due to lack of developed personality will not allow you to look forward in your future. If you want to apply for another job once you have left the government job then it would be very difficult because you lack a decent personality as made before.

Instead of any good private job they do look for experience and personality both and could get job again. Therefore your future would not be so bright.Before end, I want to caution you that, not every government job is as bad as I mentioned in above points.

Some of them are good and people love working there. But, what I said in this article applies generally for a government job. As well, you must be careful before making any decision for your bright future.