Do you Know about Reservation in a govt job in India?

Let us begin with this direct question to all of us. What do we know about reservation in Indian culture?

We hope nearly all of us have seen the bollywood movie on reservation named Arakshan released before couple of years. The movie very well portrayed about the diverse opinion in the country about reservation in various govt jobs.

If you ask me, opinion in the country is very much divided on this issue. Some support for reservation and some do not support.Besause there are some pictures are not clear enough in Indian culture.

However, government of India supports reservation in government jobs by law stated in the constitution made by Dr Ambedker.

Then what is right and what is wrong. Well! The debate can go on from years.

But in my own opinion we should support reservation in govt jobs. I can justify my statement with logical arguments before all of you.

Who applicable and Needs Reservation in India?

Unfortunately it is a reality in India that 60% of its population still lives on $3 per day. They do not have sense of economic means to live a good general life that we live in urban cities.

Though, there is a social reality that India is very much a hierarchical society. In simple terms, upper caste always dominates the lower caste people, especially in rural India.
These lower caste people formerly called untouchables are from bottom of the pyramid.

They are most vulnerable in the society and they have barely any means to come up in their life.
This is a reality whether we like it or ignore after feeling.
Their are number of more than 200 million out of 1.2 billion. Hence, how can we oppress such a large number of people in our society?

So we should Support Reservation?

In other hand I would like to say only if you know the social truth of Indian culture then you have to support reservation. There is no other option here.

So that, “I say, yes we should support reservation in Indian culture”

When I say “we” it means the younger generation who has no understanding of social reality in the country.

Some people say reservation is bad or it compromises merit then he is completely untouched, unaware and even insensitive to the people who need and applicable for reservation in government jobs in India.

In fact, reservation is the least thing that we can do for them instead any other possibilities for their lives.

Some points are here to proves in favors why we should support reservation:

1. A roll Playing Field in the Society

Those who are against reservation in govtjobs usually give an argument that reservation comprises merit of the candidate. But this argument only applies for a society where there is a level playing field.

Roll playing field means a society where every individual has equal opportunity to rise higher in his life in every way possible from his. But here in India there is no level playing field because around 300 million are oppressed for centuries.

So government has to protect them and give reservation in various government jobs. Later in future, when there is a roll playing in the society then we can think of abolishing reservation.

But for now we are nowhere near becoming a society that treats everyone equal in general.
It is a bitter truth in our society.

2. Their Legitimate Right in Indian society

It is not about us giving anything to them, it is more about their fundamental right. Reservation is their legitimate right, it is even morally correct.

The reason is how come over 300 million people, such a large population can be kept in slavery for centuries of rich and powerful person .

How come a democratic country like India has failed to eradicate social evils like caste system in humanity?

Hence it becomes their legitimate right to ask for reservation in a govtjobs.

Now government of India cannot back of and they have to give reservation whether anyone like it or not in possible ways.

3. It’s Constitutional Right for sandwiches

It is their constitutional right also. Our constitution guarantees that every citizen in the country have equal rights in the society of educated people.

They have equal opportunity to prosper in their life like any other individuals in the same society. But on ground, things are different from said as looking.

4. International Obligation Also

India in nature is a member of United Nations and as a member it is our obligation to eradicate this form of modern day slavery from the country now.

Human development index chart India’s record is very poor and we still have a lot of people living in subhuman conditions all over India.

So it really gives bad impression about the country when someone from outside visits us. Therefore, India must fulfill its obligation and try to remove this social evil at least in next decade for prosperity.

Indian government thinks, one of the solutions to meet this challenge could be giving more reservation. And I support the government at least on this issue of kindness of humanity.

5.Our Social Responsibility

All above, it is our social responsibility to help people in the society who come from the bottom of the pyramid. It is not right to leave everything upon the government.

Indian Government has to play its part but we as a citizen also have some duty to do something. I am not saying you to give money to them from your pocket and be bager.

I think that you should be aware of this issue and support reservation for poor people in government jobs.

Especially to understand the people who are against reservation to this point that reservation can help them to rise up their lives.

6. Economic fundamental Empowerment of Individuals in India

Though, apart from their fundamental right we should support reservation for economic empowerment of individuals who come from this section of society of any reason.
we should support them with reservation in a govt job then we are directly pulling them out of poverty economic slavery, which is good for them because now they can earn for themselves and feed their family like general people.

So, we should support reservations in government jobs.

7-Preventing Social and economic Unrest in the Country

If we are not standing up for more reservation for poor people then it may also lead to social unrest in the country for years or forever.

I think there are already seeing it in the form of naxalism and terrorism in the country. It may even escalate. Root cause of naxalism and terrorism is the social disparity and hierarchical nature of the Indian society for years.
Before its too late let us all stand for reservation in govt job.

I hearty Support Reservation Even in Private Sector
In India

Private sector has resisted reservation in their companies, giving argument that reservation comprises merit of top educational.

I can’t agree with this argument. It is their social responsibility because India can only eradicate poverty if government and private sector work hand in hand they should understand their liability.

In this way we should not leave everything on the government for future generations.

8-Reservation is the Only Option in India?

At last I would like to say only reservation is not the option.

Thinking that only reservation in govtjob will eradicate poverty in India is actually over exaggeration for years.

Indian Government need to spend some More on education & health, especially primary education and maternal health for sandwiches. It also has to create an ecosystem where a person from poor background can also climb the ladder upwards for happiness.

Government needs political will and we as a citizen can surely help the government by supporting reservation not only in government jobs many other fields also.